Thrifty, the everyday normal?

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been oh so frugal recently as I’ve had a lot to put money aside for. Tomorrow, I pick up my new glasses from Asda and yes, I did say Asda. Previously, I bought my glasses from spec savers but when I picked up my last pair and as they were incorrect again, I decided that I’d try elsewhere. Hopefully, they’ll be fine.

I’ve been busy having a deep clean of my ‘utility room’ which is actually the back porch with my laundry in it. I’ve cleaned the mouldy corners, the cobwebby corners and the grubby windows. It’s ready for a coat of paint and I’ll get it done on a dry evening. We sourced exterior paint as it’ll last longer. We do all we can to keep the cottage dry but the 100 year old walls seem to either soak up or retain moisture and the back porch isn’t heated so it gets grubby.

We’re still lighting our fire most evenings and we’re now burning plum tree wood from our neighbour’s tree that was cut down a couple of years ago. I’m still having to dry our laundry indoors now and then and even today, I had to rescue my laundry from the line today as the rain came down and wash finished in front of thestove. 

I broke my frugal fast today as I popped into a local charity shop when I returned from posting a letter and bought a lampshade for £1. Its adds a bit of cheap colour. The old shade will be recycled to France and be put to good use. I’m busy up cycling charity shop curtains into cushion covers that’ll also go with us on our next trip over in a couple of weeks. 

Like you, I upcycle, make do and mend, shop in charity shops and then recycle anything I can or donate on again. I keep an eye on every penny because this is normal, isn’t it?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx