The pleasures of home

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re back on form and back working on the house. A friend popped round to show us how to tape the joints of our partion wall and that’s well under way; a big reveal later.

The dogs are totally at home and spend the day either in the garden or checking that no one and especially that the feral cats are not in our garden. They are sweet but they disappear when we arrive with three dogs. 

Our neighbours have told us all about the woodland behind our house. It used to be a field but no one now knows who owns it. It soon became taken over by trees that anyone has the right to remove if they could fall on their house or overshadows it. When we bought the house, we paid for the willow and hazel to be cut back but never got round to picking up the logs or clearing up the smaller branches. That’s exactly what DB and I have done today or at least made a good start. There’s a whole load more levels go under the brambles. Once cleared, the wild flowers will be able to grow. 

We’re really enjoying this holiday doing a little bit of work, with lazy lunches ( I’ve got a stash of rice cakes to eat with my cheese) and really enjoyed clearing the back of the house. 

We’re off for a walk tonight and then a glass of wine in the garden.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx