Who and what is Frugal Queen?

Who and what is Frugal Queen from frugal queen on Vimeo.


How to say no to the things you can’t afford!

You cant afford it…… How to say no. from frugal queen on Vimeo.
Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks for emailing, I hope I’ve answered your question. Take a look at today’s vlog and I would love to know how you maintain self-discipline to pay off debts or save for a better future for your family. How do you set money aside for long term goals or just to keep your heads above water. 

This Sunday, I’ll be discussing this with Tracy Wilson on Radio Cornwall. I would love to hear from you if you are some one who needs to be a role model to all of us. Are you one of the people who have always been thrifty and have saved for everything you need or want. Tell us if you saved for five years to get married, or for a house deposit. Who is sitting on the sofa you had when you were first married as it’s good enough for your needs? Who is prepared to say no and go without for as long as it takes? Who has the breaking strain of a Kit-Kat and never saves?

Get in touch with tracy.wilson@bbc.co.uk and we’ll read out your email on air. On Sunday, you can call 01872 222222 between 11 and 12 and tell us how you say no or how you just can’t say no. 

It’s always great to hear from you,

Love Froogs