This week’s bargain shopping

Hello Dear Reader,

This week, I took my week’s shopping budget to Tesco. I had my shopping list and made sure I spent my entire budget on everything on the list. I was told not to buy tea bags, pasta or baked beans, so I didn’t. I was specifically asked to buy coffee, tinned meat, veg and puddings. A lady commented that just a tiny treat such as a cup of coffee and a biscuit is so much more than the local users of the Foodbank can afford.

For heaven’s sake!

How many of us just take for granted that moment of switching on the kettle, making a coffee and having a dunk of a custard cream. 

She also mentioned that the clients really missed some jam to put on their bread.

The heartbreaking reality of families who can’t afford a cuppa, a slice of toast and jam.

I was careful with my budget and made sure I bought as much as I could.

You see, I have food in my freezer, a store cupboard of staples. A cupboard full of loo rolls, san-pro, cleaning materials which I buy in bulk when they are on offer. I’m not going hungry but so many people do. this week, my food budget wasn’t needed in our home but it was needed in someone else’s home!

Here’s my shopping list for today. I did my best to buy several of the items on that list. I wanted to do the very best I could with my budget. After all, I am the Frugal Queen. I added extra items such as blackcurrant squash and wondered how many children went without.

The collection lady was a bit confused when I gave her the trolley and then walked away empty handed.

“Pardon, you’ve left your shopping”

She gave me the loveliest smile when I told her it was all for the Foodbank. She told me that local families often have to wait weeks and weeks for overdue benefits and that if the Foodbank didn’t feed them, that children could go hungry. 

I am now determined to do this more often. I can stretch my budget and be creative with food so I can so this on a regular basis. I left the shop feeling silly that I hadn’t done this before. Today, £12.85 of food will be donated on top of my donation by Tesco who are adding 30% to each donation. 

If you have time, get along to Tesco today and add a few items to your trolley as there will be a bonus for the Trussell Trust Foodbank today.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx