Save money at Waitrose

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve long been signed up to all of the supermarkets. That means I get to hear about the deals and discounts almost daily by email. I have the option of most of the supermarkets including Waitrose on my way home from work. It might seems arduous signing up to all of them but it does mean I keep a very close eye on what is on offer. Waitrose sent me a voucher to spend instore for the purpose of this post, however, I buy all of my branded items from there as they are competitively price matched.

Here’s what popped into my inbox this evening from Waitrose. You can choose ten items of which you will pay 20% less than you would normally at the till. After buying them, they will email you a £6 off £60 voucher to use later. They also have an offer, that you can’t use with any other offer that if you order on line, which you can have delivered for free over £60 or click and collect from the store where you add ECMWPY30 at the checkout and get £30 off your order over £100. A 30% discount is brilliant!

I chose to Pick my own offers as we needed coffee, de-caff tea and various other branded items that I can’t buy in discount supermarkets. I buy ‘branded’ items from Waitrose as they price match the major supermarkets so I can’t buy it cheaper else where and it’s on my home bound commute. I’m buying those items any way, the original prices were price matched and now I’ve got a 20% discount. Do you have a Waitrose in your area? Have you, like me, found really competitive prices there? What would you choose to have with a 20% discount?

If you search for discount, use discount codes, look for click and collect or free delivery, use supermarket coupons in any way and know of any then please leave a comment and share where they can be found. You’ll need to hint as to where you can be found as a British offer won’t be a lot of use in Kansas or New South Wales.

I’m picking up my shopping on my way home tomorrow and always love getting a good deal.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx