Mighty Meaty Pizza

Hello Dear Reader,
I love pizza but even the gluten free varieties are calorie laden. Here’s a Slimming World version that’s virtually carb free.
I seasoned a 600g of low fat (less than 5%) minced organic local beef, seasoned well with salt, pepper and oregano, pushed into a foil lined quiche dish and cooked it for fifteen minutes at 200 C.
It shrinks a bit from the side and I drained off the water, meat always shrinks when it’s cooked.
I topped it with 100g of low fat Pesto (6 tablespoons ) sliced onion, three sliced tomatoes and then 129g of grated half fat cheddar.
I popped that in the oven for ten minutes.
I served it with rocket, red pepper, tender stem broccoli and green beans. If you follow the Slimming World Plan, then the pesto is 4.5 syns per portion and the 30g of half fat cheddar is from the healthy extra A list. If you’re not following the plan then just trust me, this was fantastic. If you’ve ever tried reducing carbs then it’s a great recipe that’s packed with flavour. Husband called it a pizza burger and he loved it, he’s losing weight too.
My local slimming club leader talks about wearing ‘positive pants’, well I’ve got to pull mine up tight as I’ve set myself the personal target of exercising every day and I’m just about to go out again. Tonight’s soundtrack is Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits. 
Over to you Dear Reader, if you were out tonight, what would be your soundtrack? 
Until tomorrow,
Love Froogs xxxxx