Light Caesar Salad

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re loving our time off. We spent yesterday gardening the communal areas around our terrace of cottages. Like a lot of old Cornish cottages built before cars were even thought of, the only access is on foot. We carry what we’ve bought or brought home from the car park. We don’t mind, those communal paths are where we meet our neighbours, stop and chat and usually have a good moan about the state of the paths. Some people can’t be bothered, feel they don’t have time or would like to do something but haven’t got round to it. I totally ‘sweat the small stuff’ and weeds and overgrown hedges fuss me so as no one seems to mind, I’m tidying the place up. Dearly Beloved and I have done this together and we’ve bagged it up (several car loads) and have taken it to the recycling centre.

Today, I had a long lie in and a lazy lunch. Really not feeling like a big Sunday roast lunch right now so made a lower calorie version of Caesar Salad.

I started off by making ‘croutons’, normally that’s cubes of bread, deep fried and sprinkled over the salad. Instead, I sprayed two slices of bread with Frylight and popped them in the toaster. It came out crispy and then I cut the slices into cubes. Gluten free for me and every day bread for DB.

I’ve discovered Morrison’s Nu Me range of salad dressing and I mixed four tablespoons through the salad so two spoons each and then when I served poured another spoonful over the salad which came to 27 calories (1g of carb and 1g of fat – it must be mainly water!) 

We both had 25g of grated cheese each, mine half fat cheddar and DB had full fat Parmesan. He’s lost 15lbs so far so it’s doing him good too!

I grilled five rashers of smoked back bacon (I’ve included a link to show what this looks like – our bacon is quite lean and as I grill it on a raised tray and all the fat renders out) and then cut them into chunks and sprinkled that over the salad and gave it a drizzle of the low calorie Caesar sauce. 

It was heavenly, and the scores on the doors? 351 calories, 35g of carbs, 15g of fat, 24g of protein. Cost just under £1.50. 

My indulgence at this time of year are seasonal local strawberries. They taste lovely, I had mine with some defrosted blackberries, a sprinkle of stevia and a big spoon of fat free natural yogurt. I felt I’d earned it after all the weeding and tending.

If you live in the UK, you’ll have a lot more weeds around the pavements and car parks, it will be cleaned less than usual and hedges might not get cut at all. It’s easy to wave the banner of entitlement and sit back and do no more than moan that the council doesn’t do its job properly or realise that unless we want higher taxes then we can save money and find our community spirit and do it ourselves. 

Over to you, any Guerrilla gardeners out there? In case you think there’s a whole pile of health and safety regulations about doing such a thing in your community there usually isn’t. It’s the case of using common sense and doing what you can. I’ll have another go tomorrow. I’m also going to try and speak to neighbours and get them to do ‘the bit’ by their back/front doors to keep the place looking tidy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx