An alternative Sunday lunch and a free book for you.

Hello Dear Reader,
We’re doing our best to eat well but I can promise you I’m missing a roast potato although it’s a crying shames to roast the lovely Cornish new potatoes. The chicken is a tiny portion as we’ve switched to completely free range and organic meat that does cost. We’ve found that the local Asda supermarket in Bodmin has plenty of it. It just means that we have to eat less of it. When we couldn’t afford to this and for anyone else in that position, then no one should feel guilty in anyway whatsoever, we didn’t then and no one should. 
So Sunday lunch is not the normal weekly meat feast anymore. Here’s my recipe for our lunch and as I cooked ahead for tonight as well. 
You will need chicken pieces, I used breast but thigh is just as good.
Tinned chopped tomatoes
Garlic – four cloves, crushed
Onions – one large chopped
Carrots – four large peeled and chopped
Celery – half a head, diced.
Chopped swede – one whole small
Tomato purée – one small tin
Chicken stock – I use a cube and water
1. Brown the chicken, I did this under the grill.
2. All the rest of the ingredients, including the chicken to a casserole dish with a lid.
I cooked this for an hour and served with steamed new potatoes, spring greens and frozen peas. Slimming world and Weight Watchers friendly. 
The weather is fierce here tonight, we’ve even lit the wood burner. Nonetheless, I’m going to get wrapped up, stick in my ear plugs and head off for an hour long walk in the gales. I’m full of beans and a proper fidget at the moment and exercise is the antidote. There’s a brilliant free book available from Amazon about Mindfulness, I’ve downloaded it today and here’s the link below for you to get it free too. You can download to a tablet or Kindle. Happy reading xxxx

Let’s here it for all of us trying to eat a little less and move a little more. I’m off to get soaking wet, don’t worry, it’s the turn of Simply Red’s greatest hits to keep me moving.
Until tomorrow,
A thoroughly wet and windy Froogs xxxxxx