Footloose and fancy tea


Hello Dear Reader,
It’s been ages since I posted a review but I went somewhere really lovely today and thought I would tell you about it. A South West chain of ethical cafes has opened in Plymouth and I went there with colleagues for a gathering after work. Boston Tea Party cafes started in Bristol and have brought their Clifton vibe with them. The decor is recycled and up cycled and the food has a real care about sourcing. 
My friends fared better than I did as there were only two GF items on the menu. I had the super salad, for £7.50 and a pot of de-caff tea which brought my lunch to £9.95. It was expensive (for me, but realistic in terms of costing) but as a treat, even with only two Coeliac friendly items and sadly no guarantee that food won’t be cross contaminated with allergens, I would go back. They had all day breakfasts, toasted sandwiches, burgers, soups, sides, smoothies and lots of lovely fancy tea. 
We rarely eat out but my friends informed me that the prices were reasonable and widely comparable. All meat and eggs are free range, all tea is ethically sourced and organic, all their milk is organic too. Their breads are made by Hobb’s House bakery and their entire menu and up cycled interior really does demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.
It’s a great cafe and I can totally recommend the place. However, and this is a however for all caterers, Coeliacs are 1 in 100, we really would enjoy a meal out once in a while so would you all remember that every 100th customer has very little choice when we eat out and you would increase your customer base by 1% daily if we could eat too. 
Back to my lovely lunch, It was a great salad full of pumpkin seeds, avocado, mango and really delicious.
Until tomorrow,
Love Froogs