Warm soup, weight and wobbling…….less!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s only Thursday and it already feels as if it’s been a jam packed full week. As promised I’ll start with the bacon and lentil soup and include the WW points.

The following recipe makes four portions. I had one for dinner, one for lunch tomorrow and two have gone into margarine tubs and into the freezer for the weekend. It’s really thick and substantial and really filling and what’s more really delicious.


One large onion finely diced = 0
One large leek, finely diced – 0
150g of bacon lardons (or the same weight of bacon) = 13
100g of red lentils = 3
Half a butternut squash = 0
Four sticks of celery = 0
One chicken stock cube in one litre of water = 1
Half a pack of spinach = 0

4.5 points per portion.

Here’s what you do.

1. Saute the onions, leek, celery and lardons – don’t add any oil.
2. Add the butternut squash and lentils.
3. Bring to boil and then simmer for 15 minutes – or longer, check that the lentils are completely soft.
4. Add spinach and stir through until wilted.
5. Blitz with hand blender.

So, there’s the warm soup and we need it, it’s below freezing here and I mean! I have palm trees in my garden and I’m not used to this!

OK, drum roll please, weight! Total weight loss so far is 6lbs. I’ve been to the gym every day and have ‘upped’ my exercise to an hour a day. After being fitness tested (health and bleedin’ safety!) I found out I have blood pressure of 110 over 60 and my heart rate goes back to ‘resting’ in ten seconds after rigorous exercise……it’s been a very very long time since anyone has ever described me as ‘fit’; it also takes a lot of cardio work to get my heart up to where it should be as I’m already ‘fit’ in the first place. I’ve been working really hard at it and crawl, sweating and crying into the changing room at the end of it! Still, pissing off the skinny kids by being totally body confident and not giving a wobbly tit that I’m fat, old and naked in a sea of mini-butts! The positive to hold onto is the fact that I’m shrinking.

Fitting the gym and fat fighters into my already busy life is a challenge but I’m ‘up for it’ and even want to share one of my favourite exercises with you. You do it in 10 second bursts and it’s a strengthening exercise.Planking!

Start on elbows and knees, locking hands together. Straighten legs and raise your body so that you’re supported by the balls of your feet, with feet hip-distance apart. Face the floor, being careful not to arch your back or stick your bottom in the air. Hold this position for 45 seconds   10 seconds if you can stand it to begin with, extending the time as you get stronger.

Here’s another for you – lunge walking – add a tin of beans in each hand. I hope the picture explains itself!

I’ve had lots of interest in the sewing for beginners and star block work shops but there are still places available so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’ve had lovely emails from folk who’ve heard me on the radio or read about me in Woman’s Own and a heap of new followers. It is an utter delight to hear from you and I’m really looking forward to meeting dear readers at the workshops and hope some of you will phone, text or email Radio Cornwall when I’m there again on Sunday 17th February at 11 am. 
I’ll be back tomorrow with a money saving tip that I’m excited to share with you and a catch up on my energy monitoring. 

Over to you Dear Reader, do you have any simple exercise tips, anyone a new follower and not left a comment yet? Anyone else on the ‘points’ with any frugal food ideas to share? Does anyone else ‘plank’?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx