Staycation – Day #1

Hello Dear Reader,

Here I am in my ‘holiday cottage’ in Cornwall, on my staycation! Ha! I always live in a holiday cottage in Cornwall so instead of feeling bad about the cold and rainy weather, I can feel great that I’m here on my holiday and I’m going to make the most of it.

I am to take part in craft workshops, fine dining, moorland and cliff side walks, out door exercise, relaxing and lazy lie ins in the most laid back part of the UK. I will therefore be sewing and quilting, bag making, cooking, getting out and about for walks and catching up with some great friends. 

What better way to start my day than to cook up a full English for Dearly Beloved and myself. I was sent a new ceramic coated frying pan from Delimano who have really good quality cookware from Italy. As an avid cook, I wasn’t going to say no. It’s a light weight pan so I wouldn’t advise you to get it smoking hot for steaks but it’s going to be a stalwart for weekend breakfast here at Thrift Cottage. However, as some one with arthritic hands that just can’t lift heavy cookware, this is a great alternative. It also really easy to clean and I just wiped it over with a damp cloth and it was ready to put away.

Come back and see me over the next week and I will be blogging away and sharing my week with you. Over to you, who is home with children this week or looking after grand children? What are you getting up to this week? It’s a British bank holiday on Monday, the schools are on holiday for the week and families make the most of this time to get out and about and entertain themselves locally. So, what will you be up to this week?

See you later, oh yes, I will be keeping you up to date.

Love Froogs xxxx

Disclaimer – Delimano sent me the pan to review and the opinions are my own.


A night in by the fire!

Hello Dear Reader,

We debated whether to splash out on a take away tonight! The last one we had was on our wedding anniversary. You know you are a tightwad when a big anniversary splash out is a fish and chip supper!

I succumbed in the end and pushed the boat out with a ‘ready meal’. I’ve spent the day on research (work prep……….nothing you need know about) and after several hours hard at it, I decided on a night off.

So, here’s my review of Aldi’s Chinese takeaway meal for two for £3.99.

I was really surprised how big the portion was for the price. I know we eat less than most people but it was more than enough for two people. The chicken curry was very mild and had a coconut flavour to the sauce. The sweet and sour chicken was really tangy. All in all, it was expensive but a great deal cheaper than a takeaway. Even fish and chips is too expensive anymore!

If you see this in Aldi and are apprehensive then don’t be, although a lot more money than I usually spend we enjoyed the night off. A quick rinse of the plates and then feet up in front of the fire with the dogs before I get back to the research and preparation.

We paid for this and the opinions are my own. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

If it’s good……………I’ll tell you!

Hello Dear Reader,

I haven’t been anywhere this staycation. I’ve held two sewing bees and met some people who I am sure will become friends. I’ve amused myself and made sure I haven’t spent too much money. The second stage of our double glazing goes in tomorrow and I have to remind myself that I am thrifty and frugal so I can afford to live the life of my choosing. Today, I spent the day with another friend and we went shopping (Primark and charity shops………..right up our street!). We’d promised ourselves a girly shopping trip and lunch since last September and managed to get out today.

We had a great perusal around Primark, I bought myself a strappy vest top to wear under the sheer blouse I’ve made. It was great to see so many shirts and dresses made from chiffon type fabrics, so floaty and I’m glad I made the blouse as it’s going to be a really stylish addition and it’s long enough and fits me! 

We had lunch at a well known bar in Plymouth called The Treasury. It’s been there for years but I’ve never been in there. Here is their website and you can discover more for yourself. It’s in the part of the city Guildhall that used to be the city treasury once upon a time and now it’s a stylish bar restaurant. So often, establishments like this are stylish without much substance. I’m pleased to let you know that this ‘affordable’, although that depends on your opinion, eatery was really good. The only fault I could find is that our food was served on very trendy boards and I found it difficult to eat off. If I go again, I shall ask for my food to be put on a plate. I had battered pollock pieces with jenga chips……………posh fish and chips to you and me but it was lovely. My friend had Portabello mushroom and goat’s cheese. We were both really pleased with our lunches. The service was great and the lunches were reasonably priced. 

I lived in Plymouth for thirteen years, work there and still have a great affection for it. It’s real, unpretentious and has a gritty warmth about the place. If you are on the way to Cornwall, take the Plymouth route. Park and head for the town centre, the Hoe and the Barbican. There are plenty of places to eat, things to do and plenty to see. 

After a great lunch, we hit the charity shops which can be found in Cornwall street. We were on the hunt for board games……… details as to why but that’s what we were looking for. We never paid more than £1 each for them and they will prove themselves very useful! We saw loads of clothes but were both restrained enough to not buy what we didn’t need!

It was a great day. A great shopping trip, some lovely food, wonderful company and a great chat.

It’s worth being thrifty so we can afford a nice day out once in a while. 

Over to you Dear Reader, for you, what makes it worth being thrifty? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx

Disclaimer. We paid for our own lunch and my opinion is my own. 

What I wore to the Blog Awards – Product Review

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a few email asking about what I wore to the blog awards and what I thought of them.

Firstly thanks to Boden who sent me their Chelsea bag. I love the spots and it’s a really fun bag and I think it’s really well made. I now use it as a work bag and it easily transports everything…………very stylishly may I add. Boden, although a British company, have their products made in developing countries and the bag is made in India.  Nonetheless, it’s a great bag and it certainly added sophistication to my outfit. Would I recommend it? Yes. 

My control underwear came from Marks and Spencers from their Magic Secret Slimming range. My advice would be to invest in a more expensive brand as the ends of the legs and the tops of the tummy rolled and didn’t lie flat and were not as controlling as Spanx that I have bought in the past. However, they are half the price of Spanx and for that, they do half the job. Would I recommend them. Sorry, but no.

My shoes were from Clarks and for high heels, the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn. They are from their ‘softwear’ range and were wide enough to be comfortable all night. I can’t wait for any excuse to wear them again. Most of Clarks shoes are now made in China and although they are stylish, I think it is still a shame  that such an iconic British brand is now made in China. Nonetheless, they are fantastic and will get a lot of wear. Would I recommend them? Oh yes!

 My star of the night was my David Neiper dress. Made in Derbyshire. I even know who made it. Its component parts were sewn together by Dawn, Pat and Eva, Brenda pressed the dress and it was inspected by Jo. My dress kept five British women in work! I’m now aiming to buy as much as I can, if I need it and can afford it, to buy British. I’ve already got my eye on another dress from the same company. Take a look HERE at their video showing you the workers behind the scenes. Would I recommend them? Oh Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

When I was dress hunting, I sought out many quality suppliers and saw many dresses as much as this dress. Every time, I would turn to the label inside and felt unsure of the ethics of where it was made and then wonder how a company could charge hundreds for a dress when the workers didn’t even have rights. Thanks to all the suppliers but I must say, my favourite is the dress. In case anyone wants one, they ship world wide.

Thanks again to the Mad Blog Awards for giving me the chance to dress up and have a wonderful night out. Thanks to the suppliers for making me look and feel wonderful, glamorous and ladylike. I will make sure I wear all of these items over and over.

I hope that satisfies the fashion conscious curiosity of some readers and sorry to Marks and Sparks but I have to be honest.

Tomorrow, I will be at the Stitch, Sew and Hobby Craft show with Frugal Mummy and look forward to meeting the Dear Readers who said they would look out for me! I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. On Sunday, I will be on the Tracy Wilson programme on Radio Cornwall where we will be discussing the worrying cost of food. Please email your frugal food recipes or your concerns of rising food prices to it would be wonderful if any of you could phone it on 01872 22 22 22.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxx