Hello Dear Reader,

At midnight, at the end of the month we have some salary. One minute after mid-night, on the first of the month, our mortgage payment and direct debits leave our account and by the time we get up, we can see what’s left. For years, when I saw what was left, I snowballed it into a debt until I had no debts left. This month, I will move money into my purse to pay for food, fuel and logs and move what’s left into my mortgage account as an over payment. I did this today. I overpaid at the beginning of October and left myself with nothing and have done this again as the beginning of November and have left myself with nothing.

Some people might feel worried but I run such a tight budget that I know I have enough toiletries, loo paper, cleaning products and store cupboard goods to get through the month. I have enough in cash to buy vegetables, a few grocery items and the diesel for the car and logs for the month. I don’t wait until the end of the month and put away what’s left. Instead, I put it away and live on the small budget I have allowed myself.

This means, I have another month where I can’t buy: clothes, anything from charity shops, any craft items, any magazines or any treats. I don’t eat out anyway, nor do I go out for coffee, we don’t go out to the cinema, theatre or anywhere that costs any money. Our budget is for food only. Any items that we would have to buy if the need arises will have to come out of our food budget. Anyway, I like cous cous and beans and my store is full of them!

Here goes another month of deeply frugal. I wonder what this would be like if I did this for a year? No annual holiday? No day trips. Just local walks and books from the library. What do you think Dear Reader,  could I go a year without spending? I would love to be able to over pay my mortgage every month. I would love to reduce my utility bills every month and really rein back my spending. I would love to test myself and see if I really could live without buying anything un-necessary for a whole year. What do you think?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx