I don’t want any, thank you very much!

Hello Dear Reader,

This blog is aimed at the good for nothing, useless twonks who work in media, advertising and PR. You don’t cut corn, you don’t mill steel, you don’t raise animals, you don’t heal or educate,many people might think that you do nothing useful at all. Your job, just like Del Boy, is to convince people to buy a load of pointless crap that anyone with a brain can do without. You are always looking for new avenues to advertise, to get people to buy the mountain of useless shite that you currently can’t get rid of because the world is short of money. You blight some very good blogs with your banners, adverts and those boggin’ pop ups! I’m so sick of you that I just don’t read blogs that advertise, review or have guest writers. Some of those guest writers wanted to clog up my blog by writing about products that my readers may be interested in. I’m sure the readers of this blog are not here because of the products I use!

 Many of you afore mentioned useless dip sticks, in between tweeting, updating your Facebook status and going for coffee, spend your time trawling the internet looking for ‘avenues’, ‘window’s and ‘possibilities’. You have offered me dog food, spoons, clothes, discounts and other buckets full of useless crud in exchange for me to write a review. You want me to put links on my blog for samples (I’ll send you a fucking sample in a minute!) Any daft beggar who writes to me in the future and tries to offer me some pointless product will get a simple email. ‘Jog on!’

I don’t do adverts, I don’t want your stuff (when you sent it, I gave it away) and the only way I will write for anyone, is for a whole lot more money than you’d be prepared to pay! I’ve put a heading, telling you semi-literate numpties that I don’t do adverts and yet you still email me with your offers, which are always paltry may I add, proving that you don’t read my blog but just quickly flick and scan through and think you’ve found an ‘opportunity’. 

I don’t do consumerism. I don’t want more. I got off the buy more merry go round a few years ago and I’m not getting back on. I shop in jumble sales, I wash out and reuse a mooncup! I wear the same shoes for around four years, I use the library, I mend tights, I even get my fire lighting newspapers out of the recyling skip in the car park. I buy supermarket value products. I make do and mend. I make gifts for people out of old clothes, often gifted to me and I encourage anyone and everyone to stop feeling they have to buy any more than they actually need. Now would you please get the message…..I don’t want any, thank you very much!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxx