Make do, mend and maintenance

 We’ve been working inside and outside the house today. Last night, Dearly Beloved got round to ‘Frankenhoover’ and took our working motor out of our old Dyson (electrical wire defunct and suction tube broken beyond repair), which funnily enough was also given to us over ten years ago and was second hand then. He transplanted the working motor into the Freecycled Dyson (perfect in every way but needed a new motor!) and now it works perfectly. So #1 of household maintenance (will you pleeeeeeaaaaaase fix the Dyson xxxx!) is done.

Above is a photo of the kitchen window and it at long last has a blind. We didn’t buy that either. It came from the bathroom of our old house and we took it with us and never got round to putting it up. The canvas photos of trees on either side used to be in our dining room and never really did anything to the room. I think they ‘add’ something to the kitchen. They are certainly not what I would choose and I would dearly love to go out and buy something to brighten the house up, but as we don’t have the money to spare; making doing will have to be the order of things for the years to come.

I also did some more garden maintenance today and cleaned up more fallen leaves, cut away a whole mile of sprawling ivy which had invaded the paths and swept most of the mulch, off the paths and back onto the borders. Our next job, is to go through the garage and have a look at all the paint, filler, sandpaper, brushes and any other resources we have, to see what we can use to clean the house up and keep on top of things.

I am determined to use up and wear out what I already have and get as many jobs done as possible without spending any money at all! I am also determined to not waste what I have and use every last scrap. Nothing spent and three jobs done.


Maintenance saves money!

 Dearly Beloved and I have been getting on with MY new year’s resolution (I am so kind sharing it with him xx!) to make sure we keep up with maintenance and do one job a week, no matter how small, to keep our home in good order. Although I live in a detached house, we are quite tight to the boundaries on either sides of the house and we neglect those areas; they tend to be wild and messy and I am going to look after all areas of my home. It will save money in the long run as I will keep it in order.

 Today I started by cleaning up all the winter leaves that have blown here in the storms. They are now in a compost bin and being turned into mulch.

 I scrubbed the steps with hot soapy water. Everything gets covered in green algae when you live in a densely wooded area, we’re surrounded by trees, which are beautiful but keep the light out. So paths, steps, fascias, window sills go green and there is no alternative but to scrub away with the hot soapy water and then rinse off afterwards. I washed down the exterior of the utility room and cleaned the windows outside, the door frames and the canopy over the back door. My arms are aching from stretching and scrubbing and my hands are sore from the hot water, but strangely I feel really satisfied at my simple endeavours.

It’s also vitally important to clear out drains, gutters and areas that could flood, gather mould or attract vermin. These jobs need doing monthly and will work your muscles in a way the gym never could. There is also something cathartic about having a clean house and garden (that may be unique to me!) Clean and tidy home equals a clean and tidy psyche for me; in fact, order equals sanity. We were in the garden for just over an hour today and now I’m off to find some indoor maintenance to do. If only I could decide, which of the seventeen jobs must be done first?