Eat, sleep, sew repeat.

Hello Dear Reader,

Every year, I make July a no-spend month. I don’t buy anything to wear, any make up, anything for the house and just make do with what I have. I also have ‘Stoptober’, where some people give up smoking, but that’s another no-spend month. I also have lots of no-spend days. For example, I make a point of not spending any money until ten days after pay day. That means I’m already a third through a fiscal month and I still have everything I was paid, minus the direct debit payments that go out for household bills. 

I also make a point of using up everything I have. I try my very best to use up all my fabric. To be honest, I would love to slice and cut up some different fabric from my stash but I’m determined to use up all the bits, bobs and small pieces I have to finish a quilt top. 

I’m eating down the freezer and the store cupboard, reading books I already have, we’re watching our way through films we’ve stored on the free-sat box and we spend time walking in the evenings. 

It’s amazing the difference that saving a month’s money can make. It means we can just save that money for the rest of the year or just put it towards the mortgage. We have a day out here and there but we’ll take a flask and packed lunch and enjoy ourselves without the need to spend any money.

I hope you are enjoying our lovely warm light evenings as much as I am. I made another section of my scrappy quilt and will get some more done over the weekend.

Over to you Dear Reader, who else has no-spend days, or weeks or even ‘Just make do with what I have July’ or joins in with ‘Stoptober’?

I’ll be back tomorrow and will see you then.

Love Froogs xxxx