Homemade Liqueurs! Pissed? I will be!

Lots of people wanted to know how to make sloe gin and the other liqueurs I have made. I haven’t drunk any of these yet, so I don’t actually know if they are any good or not. Here’s how I did this. Firstly, I bought 1 bottle of Tesco vodka and 2 bottles of Tesco gin. Just under £8 per bottle! I know that’s a lot of money but the liqueurs will last me for months. When I made the sloe gin, I collected 250g of sloes and I froze them and this causes the skins to split. I decanted the 75cl of gin into a larger bottle I had and added the 250g of sloes and 250g of white sugar. I put the lid on and shook it. Every so often, I take the bottle out of the cupboard and I shake it. As the days have gone by, it has darkened and become richer looking.

I used two bottles for the blackberry gin. I decanted half from one bottle of gin into another and added 125g of blackberries to each bottle, as I squished them down the neck, one by one. I then used a funnel and added 125g of white sugar. As with the sloe gin, I shake it periodically and it’s darkening every day.

Are you picking up on a pattern here? Same weight of sugar as fruit, stuff fruit into the spirits. I used vodka with the raspberries after seeing a bottle of rapsberry vodka in the supermarket. I bought the raspberries and blackberries on offer and both were 99p a punnet for 250g.

Here’s the haul so far. I added a dash of vanilla essence to the raspberry vodka and a dash of almond essence to the sloe gin and didn’t add anything at all to the blackberry gin. Foster Mummy makes blackberry vodka and tells me that you should keep it in a dark cupboard, if only to stop visitors thinking that I have a boozing problem! I’m hoping to get started on these for Christmas! but the longer you leave them, the better they are. When you want to drink them, simply sieve into a clean bottle and I assume eat the fruit before falling asleep on the sofa!