Heaven on earth.

Liskeard has been in chaos today. It’s not helped when incompetent numpties decide to dig up all of the roads on the same day, in the middle of the school holidays when tourists venture into Liskeard to get a bit of shopping. Old Road, is being patched. West St is being patched and the Parade is getting a new water main. So that’s it! Liskeard is officially closed and those of us who live here can’t get out either! It’s a good job then that I actually live in Shangri-la!

We cut back a lot of dead shrubs at the weekend, which means Bobby Dazzler can see next door’s garden and he’s already tried to limbo his tiny frame under the fence. We’ve had to use what we have, a few bits of wire mesh and some floorboards to block his route to freedom. He’s not happy today as I put him on the lead in the garden and he can’t understand why he’s not free to snuffle in the borders as he normally does. Dearly Beloved has fortified the garden tonight and the dogs are free to wander in all they survey.
Everything is growing! Courgettes and Butternut Squash is thriving. I didn’t label them so I can’t tell which is which until/if they grow fruit.
Spuds and blooming with lovely purple flowers and looking promisingly productive………we may get spuds soon!
The currant bushes don’t promise us any fruit this year but they are bushy and beautiful.
The beans in a bag are shinning up their poles and the onions are filling their pots.
The strawberries are growing strawberries…………not that I needed to have bothered. The wild strawberries are all over my garden, the street, the hedges, the park and have spots of tiny red everywhere that I have walked today. Although red, they are not ripe yet.
The carrots are bushy and need thinning again!
The lupins and rhododendrons are just heavenly and I love the colour.
I’ve walked the dogs twice today, I sat in the garden and read and was happy to go no where but my own garden and I really live in heaven on earth.

Stoveside Pottering!

Here is my rhubarb crop! I cut it as new stems seem to want to grow. It’s not much but I only planted it this year. I made a crumble and we ate it with ice cream and it was delicious.
As it was a bank holiday I though we’d treat ourselves to ‘tea’. The cream was half price in the Co-op, the jam was on offer and I made the scones, which did not turn out as well as they normally do……..I didn’t get the oven hot enough before I put them in.
It was all finished off with a chocolate cake. It’s half term and I’m expecting visitors and they’ll be well treated when they get here. I never buy cake and I don’t like ‘shop cake’ which always seems so dry and full of chemicals. Baking is truly one of life’s most wonderful pleasures, so quick and the rewards and wonderful.

It’s been a quiet bank holiday. We’ve gardened and managed to make a dent in the weeding and we’ve caught up on the housework. Mostly we’ve done nothing……..sat on the deck………….watched the clouds………….drunk tea…………eaten chocolate cake………..it’s not a bad life.