Who kicked my head in?

 Hello dear reader,

Welcome to anyone who’s reading for the first time, who’s here again and many thanks to those who’ve become followers. If you have a blog, then I’ve probably popped over and had a look and signed up to keep in touch. Thanks especially to those of you who contact me personally be email, it’s always a pleasure.

Well, a migraine descended on my head on Saturday night and I was tucked up with dihydrocodeine by seven O clock and out for the count. I was awake here and there, just enough to take more pain killers every four hours and the chuffin’ thing managed to go away yesterday afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick and thrown up that much since I was pregnant!

It’s scared me to the point that I’m going back to my GP as the pain is unbearable, not to mention the inability to stand, hold anything, drink, sit up and every time it happens, I think I’m having a stroke as I can’t speak. The side effects of the meds are extreme too and have left me with third degree stomach upsets, yellow eyes and joint pain that requires a whole different type of pain killer! I may not get these very often but they are getting a whole lot worse.

I have a good GP practise but I need this looking into and will ask what can be done! Any advice? Anyone with crippling migraines? What treatment is out there? Also, I have a digestive disorder that’s aggravated by anti-inflammatories (I can’t take ibrufen or anything similar) so the migraine meds seem to get me through the head pain but leave be in agony everywhere else.

So fellow bloggies, any ideas? I know my medical practise, unless you go in there forewarned and forearmed, you’ll just leave with a polite fuck off and don’t cost us money we don’t have and the cheapest generic medication they can prescribe. But, go in there with a request and they back down and oblige.

I’m sure someone has some advice. The GP will see me at the end of surgery tonight (or sooner if they call and can fit me it) so any advice will be helpful.

Love Froogs


Today is cancelled until further notice!

 Last night, I cooked supper whilst feeling extreme fatigue. First day of term drained me and was full of incidents, which although they didn’t phase me at the time, left me feeling shell shocked. By seven o’clock in the evening, I couldn’t stand up right any longer and had to go to bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay there and wore the hall way carpet out going back and forth to the lav and was sick for the rest of the night. I knew I wasn’t well when DB had to take me as I had temporarily lost my sight and balance to a migraine. It was an eventful night. I resisted the codeine until DB couldn’t stand the fact that I was crying in my sleep!!!! I eventually woke up, after initially going to bed as seven at three o’clock this afternoon!!! Where did that day go?

Some food will often provoke a migraine, and it isn’t the same food and sometimes some food will give me a migraine, and sometimes it won’t! If there were any rhyme or reason, then I could avoid triggers, but there doesn’t seem to be any way.

Back to last night’s supper. I used one bag of Quorn mince, (on offer at £1 a bag in Tesco) and made chilli con quorne! I made potato wedges and had some much reduced coleslaw. By all accounts, Dearly Beloved said it was delicious but mine is in the freezer to eat when I feel well again! I’m rather partial to chilli and chips so it was a pity to miss it, but I slept through supper……and breakfast………and lunch!

Cluster Bomb migraines

Every heard of those? I don’t get migraines for years on end then I get a whole series of them. Today, after being ill for over 24 hours, I feel as if I have woken from a coma. I still can’t stand up for very long and I still can’t keep anything down. I’ve taken as much medication as I’m allowed and I’m still not able to open the curtains and let any light in! The worst part is, I can feel another one coming and not even out of the last one yet!

I sometimes wonder what my animals do when they are home without me all day. I’ve managed to photograph the evidence. It’s a good job they do sleep. If they wake up and start barking, it makes me sit up suddenly, stagger around and have to go to the loo to vomit. I’m now exhausted from writing this and I’m going back to bed. Maybe another 24 hours asleep might cure this one!