Car boot booty!

I’ve just got back from the local car boot sale. Unlike some areas, there are no regular car boot sales; instead the local cricket club holds them on Bank Holiday Mondays. Two bank holidays, mean two car boot sales and today I went to the second of the year. My first purchase were three pink Hydrangeas for £7……I haggled the vendor down from £3 each. Hint for haggling, have the money you want to pay in your open hand and offer him/her the price with the money under their nose.

The plants were a bargain, even Aldi sell these for about £6 each and garden centres, for even more.
My next purchase was a very small saucepan and a large frying pan for £1 for both; they need a scrub up! Our pans are family size and often the tiniest pans are needed for just the two of us.

I love the cottage industries that seem to exist is Liskeard and the surrounding areas. There seem to be so many people raising seeds, potting on and making a bit of money at car boot sales. I have no where to raise seeds and my window sills don’t seem to get enough light, so I’m happy to pay a bit of money to someone to start the job for me. Dearly Beloved recently mentioned that he would like more flowers in the garden, and if my beloved requests something, then I’ll do anything I can to make that happen for him. I bought a packet of lupin seeds a few years ago and the slugs ate most of the plants but those who survived are now perrenial heroes that tower out of the flower borders every year and the bees loves them. I bought two little trays for 75p each.

Sorry for the close up. I love the spelling! I loved the old dears selling them too! They had trays of lettuce, cabbage, beans ect; they were flying off their stall. Loopings!!!!! I love odd spellings…….I once had a child hand me some homework about a ‘memory’ and he wrote about falling off his bike and having to go to hospital in a ‘hambilants’. I shall leave the lupins in the polytunnel for a week and then pot them on to get them into the garden for the summer. Flowers he wants and flowers he shall get!

The final purchase caught my eye just as I was about to walk home. I love gossipy pointless magazines. Infact, I love all of them. It’s a way of switching off your brain. Usually, ‘Bev’ has ‘lavished her home with love and attention and particular attention to detail which has resulted in……………’. I could write them myself! Nonetheless, I love the silly fashion articles, the glossy pictures of lovely houses and recipes that would make you fat if you just licked the page! They cost a fortune but I get magazines from Dearly Beloved that he finds on the train. You see, he gets on the train that has come from Paddington and on its way to Penzance. When I say ‘finds them on the train’ he walks up and down the train looking for magazines and newspapers that people have left behind; I plant flowers for him and he scours trains looking for magazines! The magazines are current issues and the lady wanted 30p each for them and I got 4 for £1!

Thanks again to everyone who reads this; a big thanks to everyone who is now a follower as it’s always nice to know about the people who read about my everyday life. I’m now off to spend some time digging over a few borders and thinking where I can get more colour into my garden without spending too much money.

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxxx


Hey big spenders!

 Hello again,

My day started with us both standing in a big blue box (not at the same time) and saving our water, we watered our flowers, veggies and hanging baskets. I washed my hair today (don’t fret….I use Faith in Nature, so all eco) , which took twice as much water as yesterday. I’m not sure how this is going to work when I’ve got seconds to spare as I have to leave for work at 6.30 am? I may only get to save water at the weekends or I’ll have to get up even earlier.

We had a fun morning as the local cricket club had a car boot sale this morning. After all the shenanigans of bucketting water around the house and garden, we arrived at 10.30 to find the sale in full swing. I bought…..

 a red bucket for 10p, it will be all part of my water and money saving plan.

 I bought a 50cm high shrub, exactly the same as the one in the photo. I paid £2.50 for that.

 I bought a foxglove for £1.

I also bought a kilo of rhubarb for £1……………delicious stewed and eaten with custard. I’m trying to fill the garden with beautiful plants and I’m obviously doing that by spending as little money as possible. The foxgloves grow really well in a shady spot and my ‘front’ garden is north facing, spends most of the day in shade and will look wonderful with a border backed with tall foxgloves. The shrub/Weigela Florida Variegata will thrive in the warm sunny front garden which is in full sun, all day long. I think I had a good morning for £4.60. What have been your star purchases from jumble sales or car boot sales recently?