Cauliflower cheese and courgette frittata – 58p per person

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m feeling better and ravenous so only a big cheesy supper would do!

Cauliflower cheese

25g of cornflour – 3p – 2WW/PP
50g of half fat grated cheddar – 30p – 4WW/PP
250ml of skimmed milk – 13p – 2WW/PP
half a cauliflower 35p – 0WW/PP

Total – 81p – serves 3 – 27p each. 3WW/PP per person

 I usually eat the greens around my cauliflower but it has been in my fridge for over a week as I’ve been too ill to eat much but dry toast. Trim your cauliflower but use the greens too and the stalks. They are nutritious and taste just the same. Don’t over cook them as these will finish cooking in the oven. Bring to the boil and then gently simmer until cooked but not soft. Leave to cool.

To make the cheese sauce.

Weigh everything into the same microwave proof bowl or pyrex dish if you are worried about plastic. You will need 25g of cornflour, 50g of grated cheddar or any cheese of your choice (save 10g for the topping) and 250g/ml (it’s the same!) of skimmed milk. I always use UHT milk and haven’t died so if I’m an example of cheap food then go ahead and risk it. Stir the milk in so there are no lumps until all dissolved and microwave for three minutes. (I don’t add salt as the cheddar is salty – but I did add some pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeg)

The blurry photo is due to the steam. Each time you take it out of the microwave, whisk to remove any lumps. Too thin, put it back in the microwave, too thick and whisk in some more milk. Leave to one side when it is at the right consistency.

Courgette Fritatta

Half an onion – 9p – 0WW/PP
1 large courgette – 23 – 0WW/PP
3 eggs – 45p – 6WW/PP
1/10 of punnet of value mushrooms – 15p 0 WW/PP – 2 points per person.

Total 92p – serves 3 – 31p each (Serves 3? I’ve portioned one meal for my lunch tomorrow as DB’s summer break is over and I’m home alone for five weeks – I shall eat well regardless.)

Chop onion, courgette and mushrooms and fry with frylight or a little oil. Decant into a small oven proof dish. Season and beat four eggs and stir through.

Just to prove you can eat well on the cheap – you can buy lovely British free range eggs in Aldi – 15p each.

The uncooked fritatta  will need cooking for 15 to 20 minutes in a hot oven.

Top the cauliflower cheese with a sliced tomato and 10g of grated cheese.

Here’s the final result. Just perfect for a cheesy, stuff your face kind of supper. 

…..and here are the close ups. All the ingredients came from Aldi where I buy their Super 6 vegetables that are on offer, such as three large courgettes for 69p or one large butternut squash for 69p

I’m still a believer that you can buy value brands, from value supermarkets and turn them into something tasty, nutritious and a still be a hit with your family members. You could serve this with steamed veggies or some bread to make it go further but it’s certainly enough on its own.

I hope you enjoy the recipe, it’s certainly cheap and tasty.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx