Paint, rest, paint

Hello Dear Reader,

What a day! I was up early to catch the good weather and get some laundry on the line and then get on with sanding furniture and adding a couple more coats of paint. When I went out to check in the washing later, I noticed that the side wall of the house was wet even though the sun had dried out the other walls. We’d had a leak and had to remove some of the stud wall and get the leak fixed. Luckily, a friend/hero came to our rescue and fixed it. It’s now drying out with a dehumidifier which has set us back a day but it would have been a lot worse if I’d not de I to have done some washing.

We’ve met some lovely people in Huelgoat, including a couple who have rescued dogs from as far as Ireland, Spain and here in France. They give these ageing and unwanted dogs the loveliest life on a French smallholding. We went for a barbeque lunch in their beautiful garden. Lunch lasted the rest of the day and then we came home and put our feet up and this evening, we’ve had another few hours painting.

Tomorrow, we shall plod on with more renovations and head over to Emmaüs in Morlaix to look for an armoire in the afternoon. Like any charity shop shopping, we could be lucky but we may well come back empty handed. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


Come Charity shop shopping with me!

Hello Dear Reader,

The sun is  out and the small dog is feeling much brighter. He’s booked in for some dental work next week but in the meantime he’s on pain killers and anti-biotics. Thanks for all your kind remarks. I agree if we have pets then we must set aside funds for if they are ill.

The sun has been out today and we’ve been in our cottage garden. It has lots of shrubs and trees that are just too large and we’ve dug them out and Freecycled them. The small patch of lawn has been mown and if it’s a weed………….then it’s gone! This staycation in this ‘holiday cottage in Cornwall’ is going very well. 

I made my way into my small Cornish town of Liskeard and had a happy and very successful browse around the charity shops. When chazza shopping, you are prepared to come away with nothing or an abundance of almost new outfits to see you through the year. Today, my haul was a pair of unworn sandals, two t-shirts, one smart top and one casual top and it came to a £13 for the lot. 

Some charity shops, especially the ones I have seen in Plymouth and Tavistock charge more than we pay here in Liskeard. I would go to say that our charity shops are some of the cheapest I have ever seen. 

You can be lucky and walk away with bedding, curtains, clothing, household items and craft materials and all at very low prices.

T- shirts were 50p today in my local Woodside Animal charity shop. I also bought two new tea-towels in the Salvation Army shop (I love traditional linen tea towels) for 50p each. 

If you are ever in Cornwall, make time to come to my little market town and have a browse. Nothing here is too expensive and all of the local traders are really competitively priced and you will be made most welcome.

Whist you’re at it…………pop in the Thrift Cottage, there’s always a welcome here too.

My ‘new’ clothes have been washed and dried outside in the sunshine and I’m looking forward to my new additions to my spring wardrobe.

Over to you Dear Reader. Who’s had any luck recently in your: charity/goodwill/thrift/Op shops? (Hark at me, I can charity shop in many cultures).

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx

Spend your money in your local charity shops!!!!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s not often I advise you to spend money but when it comes to charity shops, they need all the money they can get! I try to buy something at least once a fortnight from our local charity shops. They all need support. In hard times, it’s always the most vulnerable who fare worst. I always head for the Salvation Army shop and will dig around to find something to buy. They are very good for good as new picture tea towels which I really love. I bought this one for Angela at Tracing Rainbows – Angela, will you please email me your address so I can pop the tea towel in the post for you. You always admire the ones I buy so this one is for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I bought another pair of flannelette pyjamas at the Woodside Animal Shelter shop, where all night wear is £2 and you can get a lot of fabric out of a pair of jim jams. I thought this fabric looked especially Christmassy and I’ve got a lovely gift in mind that I need flannelette for. 

Also, in the Woodside shop, all bedding is reasonably priced and I bought this cotton, good as new single sheet for £1.50 and it will be a great quilt back. The jumper is from a little church run charity shop, which raises money for their mission in Moldova. Head for the kebab shop in Liskeard and it’s just around the corner. They are the cheapest charity shop on earth at jumble sale prices and I find it the best place to find clothing items that I’m just going to cut up and  make quilts from. If you’re in Cornwall, head there and support them. Most of the clothing items are 70p! I’m going to upcycle this lovely blue jumper into something else – watch this space!

I hope you like the tea towel Angela! 

So, get shopping, upcycle and turn what ever you find into something else. Why not buy some curtains and turn them into bags for gifts. That’s 80’s classic flowery skirt will be brilliant for quilting! Need pots and pans for camping? Don’t take your good ones from home, buy a few from the charity shop!Are your teenagers off to college? Kit out their kitchen with crockery, cutlery, pots and pans from charity shops! I’m certainly not ashamed to spread the charity shop word and if they are expensive in your area then come to mine. I find the Woodside Animal Shelter charity shops in Plympton, Saltash, Liskeard, Tavistock and Plymstock to be very reasonably priced and worth a day out in Devon or Cornwall just to support them and help them raise money.

Over to you, what delights have you found? Where do you get over charged? Which areas are reasonably priced? Where is worth a visit? UK or overseas op-shops/thrift stores – let the whole world know xxx

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

Remember the dead dyson?

Today, we collected the Dyson, with the non- working motor, but perfect in every way else. Tomorrow, Dearly Beloved will take the guts out of our old one and transplant it into our ‘new one’. As part of the deal, for £5!!!! We got a Dyson and this little vacuum. It didn’t work so good as it was clogged up with dust and fluff. Vacuums need maintenance and, if you look after yours, clean its filters, keep it emptied and clean, it can last you for year. I now have a spare vacuum for my son and his girl friend when the move into their new home. A quick clean out, a wipe round of all the seals and this little vacuum is as good as new! Two vacuums, for £5! I can’t believe I ever, ever used to buy new and pay retail! ‘Used’ is the way to go.