Budgeting for pets


Hello Dear reader,

We’ll start off with a pointless doggie photo, this time Dolly Knockers. I love coming home to a house of fluffies; they sleep all day and the sofa has warm dents where the three of them curl up all day. Even when we’re home all day, they sleep more than they’re awake; no wonder it’s called a dog’s life.

My four legged friends mean a lot to me and accept that pet ownership is not cheap. My dogs don’t shed their hair so a groomer cuts it every ten weeks. They also get immunised annually, medication so they don’t get worms or fleas and I bathe them weekly in a dog shampoo that keeps them in good condition. I made the commitment to rescue these dogs and that means I have to budget for them.

I set aside a portion of the budget by working out: annual total cost of food, grooming, insurance, immunisation and costs of preventative treatment such as anti- flea treatment and that adds up to a whole lot with three dogs. I then take that amount, divide that by twelve and make a monthly saving that will cover that amount. 

I work out all my costs this way, whether for firewood, food, clothes or what ever the costs. It all might seem a nuisance to save for this, that and the other but having a grip on finances means everything gets paid and we have money set aside for the nicer things in life too. We could so easily eat out whenever we want but we save that for special occasions. I could have new clothes every month but I usually get something new for work each year and add to other clothes with a mixture of sales finds, eBay and odd items here and there from charity shops. I could spend money here and there but what I do spend is budgeted for. 

I’m going to go back to cuddling the dogs, like I said I made a commitment when I rehomed them and I make sure they are healthy and well looked after.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx