My favourite thrifty and frugal blogs…..check them out!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m not cooking tonight as we’re eating up any leftovers, a bit of chilli, some soup, some reheated veggies and a baked potato! Not worth photographing that lot.

I thought I would do some shameless promotion! I am going to promote and share my favourite thrifty and frugal blogs. I love their spirit of optimism and their fervent desire to live a fun and happy life without a hair shirt and not a lentil or hot water bottle in sight.

So here goes…..

The Diary of a Frugal Family – Cass, a busy working mum shares the fun she has with her family, her ideas for fun are really lovely, her baking and recipes are affordable and really easy to follow with great photographs.

Emabarrassing Budgets – Jennie a  Belfast mum who’s got her budgets under control, is this year’s Savoo’s Saviest Shopper and her blog is full of fun ideas to live a thrifty life without being boring in any way.

A Thrifty Mum – Jen Halshaw, who I’ve met at the Blogger awards, a lovely lady and a real professional at what she does. She blogs every day, has several blogs and is a busy mum to her two lovely boys. There’s not much she can’t cook in a slow cooker or save money on and she knows where all the bargains are.

Sarina’s Frugal Kitchen – Sarina has some brilliant really thrifty and healthy recipes. I love her middle eastern recipes and none of them will break the bank.

Utterly Scrummy Food for Families – I love and read lots of food blogs but I will often check out Michelle’s recipes for affordable ideas.

Family Budgeting – Becky Goddard-Hill made the decision to stay home with her children and is one of the thriftiest savviest shoppers out there. She can sniff out a bargain and is always happy to share them with you. 

Skint Dad – Ricky Willis, can be found blogging, writing for The Mirror and all over the media. I wish him well, from a skint dad with just enough money to feed his family to a stay at home dad who’s turned his life around with a blog and is a successful writer who shares common sense financial advice on debt erradication to his ‘fake away’ money saving recipes for a treat on a Saturday night. 

There are plenty more that I read and I will share them with you another time. 

So, have a click on a few of them and enjoy a good read. Leave a comment and let them know how you found them. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


Stepping out.

 Hello Dear Reader,

Another fantastic day! We have a delightful evening routine; we walk our dogs. It’s our half an hour of quietly walking and chatting and catching up on each other’s day. We take a variety of routes, sometimes through the woods, or the fields and sometimes around our little town. We headed from our house down the lane.

 I love our narrow alley ways.

 The old names.

 The mural! I always stop and look and no matter how many times I do, I see something different.

 Past the offices of the local newspaper.

 Past the museum.

 Past the old shops which are all covered in bunting, in readiness to celebrate the Jubilee.

 There are flowers everywhere.

 Past the old houses.

 Check out the first pair of new walking sandals I’ve bought since 2008! I’m wearing them in!

 Back past the council office and home again.

It’s just around the block but it’s our time and the company was wonderful. We should all find time just to walk, talk and enjoy our neighbourhoods. Who needs anything more?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx