Salmon, Mushroom and Spinach Tart with rocket

Hello Dear Reader,

Most of my meals cost under £1 a head; sometimes I allow that budget to go over, knowing that some days we eat a veggie stew and the whole budget balances out of the week. You’ve heard of Tesco Finest, well I’m introducing some recipes that are Froogs’ Finest. I’ll start with Salmon, Mushroom and Spinach Tart.

You will need:
Shortcrust pastry – mine’s from Aldi
A pack of spinach – well washed with the stalks pulled off,
Half a punnet of mushrooms, wiped clean and chopped into chunks.
A small knob of butter,
6 eggs – well beaten and seasoned
2 Salmon fillets – steamed in the microwave for three minutes.
100g of grated cheddar – I used half fat

1. Blind bake the pastry case – it’s better without the soggy bottom.
2. Steam a fillet of salmon, leave to cool and flake.

3. Fry the mushrooms.
4. Add the spinach and cook lightly until just wilted.
5. Assemble into the pastry case.

 6. Pour beaten eggs onto the spinach and salmon.
7. Sprinkle with grated cheese.
8.Bake in a moderate oven until the egg has set and the cheese has melted.
9. Serve with rocket – or anything you want – it’s Friday night so we treated ourselves to a 90p bag of rocket from Aldi – the rest is left for our lunch tomorrow.

Next, is the same ingredients again but with only one beaten egg. I rolled out some puff pastry, again ready made and from Aldi and spread the mixture over it.

 I next rolled the whole thing into a tube.

I cut them into pin wheels, as if I was making sausage rolls. I placed them on a baking tray covered in greaseproof paper and baked them in a hot oven for 20-30 minutes. You could glaze them with beaten egg but that seemed a waste to me.

Here’s the final result. They are very filling and one with some salad will suffice for lunch. You could make a refined smaller version of these and serve them at a buffet or bigger and send them off with the children for lunch. I used half a bag frozen Alaskan Salmon from Aldi which cost £2 to make a tart for six and ten salmon and spinach pinwheels. This is a more expensive Friday night treat but we’d been working up to a nice treat all week.

Ready for the close up? I think they’re good enough for a party.

Over to you Dear Reader. Does any one have any quick ideas for puff pastry to make either a picnic item or packed lunch morsel? It’s calorific so does anyone avoid it? I’m a great believer in a tasty treat a week, does anyone else share that point of view? Also, the voting for the MAD blog awards ends soon so if you could cast your vote my way, then I would be extremely grateful. Finally, I have a new ‘hotmail’ and I can’t work it just yet so if you’ve left a message that you’re coming to one of my workshops- can you leave me a comment with your email address – which I will not publish  – so I can confirm the upcoming workshops.

Until tomorrow,

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