Happy Easter

Hello Dear Reader,

I love this time of year, of rebirth and renewal.

As ever, I personally steer right away from any commercialisation of Christ. He’s not for sale or to be profited by. He doesn’t need twigs decorated with eggs, chocolate at high prices, chicks, rabbits or any other pagan fertility symbolism. We don’t need wrapping paper, gifts or any paraphernalia to enjoy his message of peace.

If you want to know how I manage Christmas or Easter on a budget, the easiest way for me to explain how we do it for free is to remember that every day is a day of faith and love and family. With that in mind, neither costs me a single penny and I see no reason whatsoever to succumb to commercialisation.

Have a wonderful day as we can marvel in the love and forgiveness that is there for all of us.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs