Welcome to Frugal Queen’s new home!


Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve moved. If you’ve found me without me giving you any clues then well done! Life in all it’s thriftiness/ish has continued. Hopefully, there won’t be the problems with commenting or who can read the comments that my previous format had issues with.

We’ve had the usual week of doing our very best to not spend any money! I capitulated and bought new work shoes. I could have carried on with the shoes I had but they were looking decidedly down at heel and I have a professional role and should look so too. Quite rightly so, nonetheless, I searched online with Clarks, found the shoes were half price(reduced to £22.50)  and had them sent free of charge to the local shop where I could try them on and then pay for them if I liked them. I did and now I look smart and professional again but for half the price.


More thriftiness throughout the week. We’re eating very simply. Lots of meals where I cook once and then we eat that for lunch for the next few days too. There was a lot of turkey cottage pie, carrots and broccoli this week but it kept us going. Some weeks, it’s soups, this week it was mince and mash. I don’t mind and it saved thinking about lunch for most of the week. I could tell you about how we don’t eat out, don’t eat takeaways, don’t eat ready made food but then you know that. I succumbed to a £2.25 pack of Sainsbury’s sushi of Friday as I needed a ‘lunch on the run’ as I had a lunch time opticians appointment. I’m studying a lot recently so bought some single vision lens glasses and bought some from their cheapest £25 including the lens as it’s not great to sit in front of a screen for hours with my vari-focals. Totting that little lot up this week…..£49.75 makes a hole in our savings but some things, with the exception of £2.25 on sushi, are needs must!


The sun came out today and didn’t it make a difference! My furry friends had another trip by car in their dog carriers. Very little moaning from them today and they settled really quickly. Normally, they have the back seat to themselves so they are doing well to be contained and in their little crates. We went to Hannafore beach at Looe which is enough of a drive for the dogs to have ‘crate training’ but a treat for them at the end as they love to get their paws in the sand.

We’re being proper tightwads this month as we’re saving for the wood burner in our Huelgoat home. I always install a wood burner where ever we go. It’s a massive initial investment but it soon pays for itself. It’s much cheaper to get the work done there than here as it’s so much more common to have one as the sole source of heating in your home. Ours here is a dinky 5KW stove but there it will be a 12KW monster to heat the whole house and will be the sole source of heating and clothes drying. The downstairs is open plan and the stair case is open tread so the heat will circulate. (Modern wood stoves have a double burn system so they’re virtually smoke free and not sending particles into the air. Wood is also carbon neutral and renewable.)

Here, we also need to pay for next years wood that gets delivered tomorrow and will see us through next winter. I always buy it a year in advance and stack it away what’s more, I always stock up when I’ve been paid as a form of security as I always feel better when the bills are paid and this is sort of our heating bill.

Not much else to report this week. Although it’s a delight to drive to work and back in the day light, see the daffodils in the gardens and hedgerows and there’s also a glimmer of blossom here and there.

So, from trying our best not to spend any money to me blowing money on work shoes, glasses and sushi……it’s been an expensive week. Note to self: must try harder next week!

I hope you leave a comment, even if just to say hello, tell us about your thrifty week or what you think of the new format.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx




Homemade versus shop bought…………….it’s not just about the cost.

Hello again Dear Reader,

I’ve got my cooking mojo back, I forget sometimes that I write a food blog! I’m no saint in the kitchen and will buy shop bought pastry if I don’t feel like making any, ready made coleslaw and bags of salad. However, that’s the exception rather than the norm and usually everything we eat is homemade. Occasionally, and usually because it’s been yellow stickered down to 15p, I’ll buy a steak and kidney pie. Due to our 8pm shopping, we’ve tried them all including the supermarkets luxury range of pie. The filling is padded out with air……………..I don’t have an air gap at the top of my pie. The are also full of more gravy than meat and you might get one or two lumps of meat per portion. I used a quarter of the braising steak I bought this morning (£1.50 = 65p for five lamb’s livers) to make steak and kidney pie. As you can see, I keep the steak in lumps big enough to find and then cut when you eat them.

 I made my pastry today. I use half the weight of fat to flour. I used half a kilo of plain value flour and a quarter of a kilo of fat (half butter/half lard) and a pinch of salt. I make it in the food processor. I handle it less that way and it’s light and crispy. I bake my pies in old fashioned enameled dishes so the pastry cooks through.

To make the pie filling.
Saute one finely chopped onion,
Fry off 375g of braising steak
Finally, cut the kidneys into cubes – I cut round the sinewy core and bin the middle.
Add two stock cubes and top up with water.
Simmer for 2-3 hours. You want the meat in chunks but soft.
Finally, I use gravy granules to thicken the gravy.
Leave to cool for a bit and then fill the pies.

 I topped the pies and baked them. They will be frozen and when we want them, we will de-frost them and place them in a medium oven for 30 – 45 minutes to warm all the way through. My food has simple ingredients and although you would only need a small portion of this, it’s pretty wholesome.

Another real favourite for a packed lunch, or a picnic are homemade pasties. I made pastry in the same way (I only make shortcrust) and diced a potato, onion, swede and some beef steak (skirt). I then crimp them, glaze them with beaten egg and bake them for 45- 60 minutes in a medium oven. A ‘giant’ pasty can cost £3.50 – £5.00 from a proper bakers or butchers in Cornwall…….giant if you are small one?! Mine, which are huge man sized pasties that would be all you need to eat all day, cost me £1 to make. We’re cliff walking tomorrow and DB will love his lunch!

 I often get asked about baking for children and I like muffins as you can control the portion size. I make 12 deep muffins with 8oz SR flour, 8oz of butter, 2oz caster sugar, 4 eggs and a splash of vanilla extract all creamed together and then I add a punnet of defrosted blueberries. The fruit is expensive and  grated chocolate or raisins could be used instead but I’m trying to make a healthy snack. Even with a £1.99 punnet of fruit, 12 blueberry muffins still cost £3.00 and 25p each! 

Here’s one of my finished Steak and Kidney pies. I’ll pop the tin into a plastic bag and freeze them both……the S&K will remind me of the filling!

I’ve also made Scotch eggs. Some of you will not know what these are. They are sausage meat, wrapped around a hard boiled egg, covered in bread crumbs and baked. Usually, these are deep fried but they are calorific enough without frying them! I hard boiled five eggs and left them to cool.

I rolled them in beaten egg. I then rolled them in homemade bread crumbs. I took three slices of granary bread and blitzed them in the food processor and then rolled the sausage and egg into the bread crumbs and placed them on a baking tray. I always use greaseproof paper as it makes the pans easier to clean and the baked goods don’t stick.

I also made some spicy koftkas.
I placed 350g of minced beef into a bowl and added:
1 tablespoon of minced ginger,
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of garlic granules,
1 teaspoon of chilli flakes,
1 teaspoon of dried corriander leaf,
and I worked it all together with my hands and formed them into balls.

These are great in wraps with salad and garlic mayo or mint and yoghurt dressing. These are also for our day out tomorrow.

Below are the finished pasties. 

Here are the Scotch Eggs with one of the koftkas next to them so you can see the size.

Scotch eggs on the inside. If you’ve never made your own then now is the time! There we go, I think that 1-0 victory to homemade on quality and price. It’s not just about the cost, it’s about knowing what we are feeding to our children and knowing we’re eating good quality food with the shortest food chain possible!

Over to you, what do you make for picnics or days out? Do you take your own or succumb to cafes and take aways? We sometimes buy a coffee for the sake of a sit down somewhere dry and warm but usually take our own food (no we don’t eat it in the cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!) which we’ll eat somewhere sat outside.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bloggers meet up!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been using a gym for three months and I’m still going. I’m there almost every weekday and also try to exercise at the weekend. To be truthful, I’m bored of the fat bum that’s been following me around for years on end and it’s got to go. A totally lovely fellow blogger and I see each other there and knowingly give each other the ‘I know how much that hurts’ look. Today we met up and went to the gym together.

Usually, I’m there on my own so it was great to have someone to exercise with. Working in a gym is punctuated by 60 second rest periods where you can take turns on which every piece of equipment you are working on and encourage each other. You can’t cheat either and give up on any ‘reps’. If anyone else need a gym buddy in Plymouth and we can groan and pull faces at each other!

I can quite happily spend hours in there on a day off, I find it meditative and relaxing in a strange S&M in lycra kind of way. Each to their own!

It has it’s rewards

After an hour and a half in the gym…………we went for coffee! In the Bakery in the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. It’s the most casual and relaxing place to have a chat, a croissant and a catch up in Plymouth.

So, all that good work was undone in one mouthful. Fantastic coffee and even lovelier croissant! I’ll have to add up the hours next week to burn that one off! Thanks to Isabella for her company and for taking me for coffee and breakfast. 

If anyone else wants to meet up, bloggers or other wise, leave a message and I’ll see what I can arrange.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

Free days out in Cornwall

 Hello Dear Reader,

Mercifully, there has been a break in the weather today and we went out for a walk on Bodmin Moor which is a ten minute drive from our house. We headed first to the Hurlers (ancient monument 1500BC) and then on to the Cheesewring. From Minions car park to the Cheesewring is a slow 25 minute walk but we pounded the trail in 15 minutes. We’ve both got long legs.

Standard shot of Froogs on one of the Hurlers.

It’s an easy walk and the moor is bone dry and easy to cross at the moment. It’s like a sponge and can hide ankle sucking bogs.

Froogs on top of the stones taking in a view as far as the eye can see.

Ever the poseur.

Open moorland is common land and anyone can walk on it.

Don’t let the sunshine deceive you, it was seven degrees in the wind out there. We kept moving to keep warm.

Descending the stones and looking up. The shape is just from wind erosion that has exposed the stones and then sculpted them with weather.

The moor was a working quarry until the first world war (my dad’s grandad worked there) and all around are decaying ruins of building that were once industrial.

The tracks across the moors are routes and the only access to isolated farms. I would love to live out here.

 We crossed the moor from the Cheesewring (the rocky outcrop in the distance) to the quarry on the other side.

Rods of irons can still be found poking out of rocks where man power was used to break the granite apart. 

Almost back again and I opted for a moment of ‘sunbathing’. The circular walk, starting from Minions car park (free), to the Cheesewring, over to the Quarry and back again took us a very leisurely 90 minutes. Anyone can make it to the top of either. Lots of elderly people do it, babies in back packs and toddlers clambering with fierce independence make it up there. If you are in Cornwall, shun the expensive tourist attractions, get as map and get walking. There are plenty of days out without a gift shop in sight. Here’s a great link to some more walks in my area. 

If you’re my way, just email me before you come down and there will always be a cup of tea for you at my place. 

Finally…………..this will test if people read to the end! I’ve cleared out and tidied my sewing room. I have a box of off cuts that any one can have. There’s more than enough here to make a completely random scrappy quilt. Keep sewing random shapes together and then use a 10″ template to cut into squares and then sew together. I’ve included practise blocks where I’ve learn a new block, orphan blocks that were surplus to requirement and a few odds and ends. I don’t want this to go to landfill so if you want it all and you’re in the UK (sorry peeps – it’s heavy) then leave a message and I’ll enter you in a draw and pull a name out of something hattish on Monday night. Oh……and if you’re not a follower then you’ll need to be to be in the draw. I’ll keep filling the box right to the top too! Good Luck!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx

A day at Riverford Farm

Hello Dear Reader,

I was invited and went to a blogger’s event at Riverford Farm’s Field Kitchen. A group of bloggers were invited by the media team to meet Guy Watson, have a tour of the farm, ask questions and then lunch in the Field Kitchen. I was confused as to why they would invite a frugal cook, who cooks meals for £1 a head, to a high end food producer’s meet and greet. It was a fascinating day.

Guy Watson was refreshingly honest, no big environmental hard sell, just a business man and farmer who wanted to do it his way. We were shown around the packing sheds, past the fleet of Transcontinental Riverford Trucks and pallet load, after pallet load of imported fruit and veg. He admitted the environment and climate  had defeated British farmers and the weather over the last twelve months had been disastrous. He wished he could have acres and acres of polytunnels and felt British farmers were hobbled by planning laws whilst French and Spanish farmers could farm away from pests and the elements under plastic. He regaled us with stories of success and exuberant tales of “pissing away millions” whilst trying to get it right. Good luck to you Guy and it was a delight to meet some one unashamedly successful at what he does. The staff car park was full and the business is a massive contributor to the local and national economy.

Riverford has farms all over the UK and Europe as well as growers up and down the country and in France and Spain. 20,000 veggie boxes are delivered across the South West of England every week, which shows there is a great demand for the product. They don’t compromise quality and if you want it, you’ll have to pay. I found out the smallest Free Range Organic chicken will cost you £12. Well beyond my means but if you can afford it and you’re happy to pay then they’ll gladly supply it for you at a price. 

In spite of it being bitterly cold, I loved the trip round the farm in the muddy workers van, driven by Guy as he told us about the crops. We got up close and personal with spring greens, purple sprouting broccoli, garlic and salads growing in poly tunnels. We learnt about the history of the farm and how the business grew from a family farm to the multi-million pound business it is today. We all had loads of questions and it was brilliant to meet other South West Bloggers, including one from Liskeard! Take a look at their blogs, leave a comment and tell them I sent you! 

My last experience in a restaurant was a total disaster (remember this?) but this was the polar opposite. They  have a daily set menu of seasonal and as locally sourced food as possible. The options today was too calorific and too high in fat for me. I was prepared to sit it out but they weren’t prepared to see me go without. I was invited to have a chat with the head chef who then proceeded to steam chicken and vegetables for me and provide me with fruit for dessert. If you are booking, ask for the menu for the day and if there’s something you don’t like or can’t eat, they will do something different for you. Dearly Beloved tasted all the food for me, including the slow roasted duck, all the side dishes and pear and chocolate pavlova for dessert. He thought, even though we’d never be able to afford to go there, that the £22.50 for the three course lunch was good value and after our experience at River Cottage Canteen & Deli in Plymouth, it was half the price and twice the value. 

The dining experience is great for families or large groups and the atmosphere is relaxed so long as you don’t mind toddlers and babies crawling around your feet, bags and tables. I even came away with a discount code for anyone to use if you book and go by the end of March this year. When booking, if you use the discount code FK443D then you and your party or family will be able to secure a free meal for one person in four.This means a three course organic lunch will cost just £16.87 per person. I don’t think any restaurant any where could better that offer. The T&Cs are that you have to eat at lunch time, Monday to Friday. I don’t recommend many places but if I could afford it, I would go back again and again!!!

I also took away five recipe booklets to give away. Leave a comment and I’ll include you in a draw that I will do on Saturday night. Watch out for your names and email me if you’ve won and I’ll post it to you.

Thanks very much to Riverford Farm for a fascinating day and the best lunch I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 

Hey big spender!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had the loveliest day! I took my new scarf for a day out – here I am wearing it. I spent the day with a long time friend and fellow blogger in and around Plymouth. How we know each other is irrelevant, however her blog is inspiring, if sometimes painful to the point of reducing me to tears. Drop by, say hello and give this incredibly inspiring woman a bloggy welcome. Here’s the link . We went off charity shopping to start with and came back with some lovely fabrics and plenty of books. One charity shop had books for 50p and the British Red Cross had their own book shop.

We then took ourselves to the Bakery in the Royal William Yard in Plymouth. It was cheap and wholesome. It’s an unusual dining experience,  but my friend guided me through the ‘how to’ eat there. You find a seat and then help yourself to food and tell them what you’ve had when you leave. The menu is tiny but all home made. I had veggie paella, bread and salad and that’s £5! (All main meals come with salad and bread and cost £5) Can you actually eat out anywhere for £5? The coffee came in great big mugs and it was really good, cheap and friendly. You just rubbed along with the people sat near you or with you and it had the feel of your nanna’s kitchen, where you could go back for more and have as much or as little as you liked. There is also free parking around the area so all in all, I felt it was really good value and I don’t often say that when I eat anywhere but at home. (Lunch and coffees for two was £14 – a massive spend for me, but in comparison to prices you can pay to eat out, very reasonable.)

We then walked all the way round Devil’s Point, and from a distance watched hoards of children playing in the salt water pool. They were having such a good time. Despite of the clouds, it’s been incredibly hot today and they must have been glad of the cold water. People were snorkelling and nosing around the shoreline. You can walk a long way in either direction and we stayed a while and watched the boats. I would advise anyone to have a snoop round the lesser known areas of Plymouth and districts such as Plympton and Plymstock and the surrounding areas as there are some lovely places to visit. 

Here’s my charity shop bargains. Two cotton retro pillow cases for 25p each and two of my books were 50p each. I’m amassing a really good collection of retro fabrics for my next quilt project. Thanks so much to my friend for wonderful company and to the sunshine for making a much needed appearance on this wonderful summer’s day.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Get outdoors…………….it’s free!!

Gribben Head – Day marker – used as a navigation point.

 Hello Dear Reader,

If you are reading this, either via the net at home or 3G on your phone, then you have access to discovering free days out, free walks, free parking and free activities where you live. We took ourselves on a two hour walk today. We drove, almost to Fowey, and turned off for Polkerris, but kept going to Menabilly and then kept going on foot to Polridmouth Cove and eventually to the Gribben. All of these coves and beaches were my childhood playgrounds and I still get that thrill of wide open spaces and can not name anything better than a good walk.

 There are no facilities on the beach, a real piss in a field kind of a day out, and I did! It doesn’t have easy access, you can’t take a push chair, you can’t buy an ice cream and there’s no golden sand. Result? Peace and quiet and the place almost to ourselves, other than hardy ramblers. 

 Anchored off the mouth of the Fowey harbour, was a huge cruise liner; they have paid thousands to view what I can have for free. It was quite a sweaty walk, although it was grey, it’s been warm and the sun came out on our walk home.

 I even took a photo of the grid reference in case anyone wants to go on this walk themselves. There is a farm at the top of the hill, which opens a field for people to park all day for the princely sum of 50p. I think that’s good value.

 Here I am, almost at the Gribben. The air was full of larks and swallows and we often stopped to watch a kestrel who was hovering in the thermals. Just idyllic. I did have a Julie Andrews moment and found myself running up and down, just because I could!

 Behind us is the coves of Fowey, Polridmouth and Lantic – the cruise ship looks tiny here.

 It was pretty steep and if there had been  a body shop along the way, I would have bought new knees and new lungs. It was worth it in the end.

 I made it to the top, found a grassy knoll and got our flask out and sipped hot tea whilst taking in the view. Not bad for 50p!

 We aimed to get back for lunch (chicken and salad) and a lot of the walk was through sheltered paths.

I would encourage everyone to set aside a day, whenever they can, to get outside. To me, it’s a cure all. If I’m stiff with the joint pain that I can get, then I exercise it off. If I’m feeling low or sluggish, or bored, or frustrated with a project, or just with life……….getting outside cures it. If the housework is piling up, to be honest, it will still be there when I get home! Just get outside and find some space, and light and empty air, breathe deeply, don’t walk………stride purposefully. Make your lungs and legs work equally hard and what ever was bothering you, boring you or just frustrating you will be gone in a couple of hills (buggered if you live in East Anglia!)

On that note, I’m going to spend the afternoon in front of the ironing board with the radio on and a pot of tea not too far away.

Happily not spending any money this weekend,

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Old friend, a walk and some crab cakes.

 Hello Dear Reader,

A friend came over to have lunch with me today and we walked it off in the afternoon. One of the wonderful things about being older is that I can say, ‘we have been friends for thirty years’. Few, if any friendships can be so enduring and I’m lucky to have such a friend. We went for a walk around Duloe, between Liskeard and Looe and made our way to the stone circle, which can be found in the centre of the village.

Let me tell you about lunch. You can entertain on quite a grand scale for very little more than some imagination. If any of you bought the tinned crab from Approved Food and wondered what you could do with it, then here’s a fabulous recipe for you.

Crab cakes and Salad.


4 potatoes – peeled, cooked and mashed – allow to cool
2 tins of crab meat.
Tspn of chopped chili (I buy this in a jar…..it keeps for years!)
Tspn of chopped ginger (Same again…………it’s called Lazy ginger/chili)
Tspn of chopped coriander (Um………I didn’t have any so I used dried chopped coriander)
Tspn of chopped garlic (are you getting a pattern here? I didn’t have any of that either, so I used dried garlic granules)
1 egg to bind.

Mix the lot and form into 12 patties of any shape.

Shallow fry in some oil. Serve with salad.

Salad before I added the falafels and crab cakes.

 For the salad, I made two. I use mint and lemon cous cous, some beetroot, chopped tomatoes and beetroot. I also grated some carrot and chopped some ice gem lettuce. I made up some falafels (also from Approved Food) and made some hummus.

Recipe –
Tin of chick peas.
Juice of one jif lemon,
Teaspoon of garlic granules,
2 teaspoons of oil,
salt and pepper,
teaspoon of cumin,
teaspoon of paprika,
2 tablespoons of tahini

Blitz in the food processor. Serve – test to check it meets your flavour requirements………..I always add more lemon juice.

Salad, crab cakes, falafels, hummus and sweet chilli sauce.

I had a lovely day, and then repeated the process in the evening by making this for Dearly Beloved when he came home from work. If you’re ever in Cornwall, there are many ancient sites for you to enjoy; the stone circle at Duloe is just one of them.

Over to you dear reader…………….tell us all about the ancient sites near you; what would you show me if I came to visit your neck of the woods?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx

Out and about in the sun.

 Hi everyone,

First of all a message for Sarah who left a comment yesterday – Please email me direct. We’ll ‘talk’ via email and we can look at options together to help you get through the coming winter.

We cooked lunch for friends today and then headed out for a walk. I love walking. A good pair of boots and the joyous simplicity of the out doors. I wish I’d appreciated it earlier as I used to hate any form of exercise as I hated sport. Now, if I’d of had my time again I would have been into outdoor expeditions as I can’t think of any thing lovelier. I even enjoy a good old walk in dreadful weather as I really don’t mind the cold and wind, if I can come straight home afterwards and warm up.

No sight of cold and rain today as it was glorious. It was lovely to share the walk with friends, their dog and their children. Really good company.

 We went to Siblyback lake, which is a short drive from our home. It was surprisingly quiet for a bank holiday weekend. There were plenty of people there on wind surfers, jogging, cycling, sailing and canoeing. The walk around the entire lake takes just over an hour and is one of my favourite walks when I want a really easy, hill-free, well signposted walk. I’m even happy to do it with just me and the dogs (Scruffy still can’t go out as he’s still limping about on three legs).

Oh, and by the way…….if you’re ever in Cornwall on your holidays, you really should try a day out at one of the lakes run by South West Lakes Trust, you can look them up as see the facilities on offer. I wouldn’t normally make suggestions to people as I think they can make their own minds up, but this place is lovely.

Other than paying to park the car and the diesel for the ten minute car ride, the rest was free but the views are priceless. What do you do locally, either for free or very little money that makes you really happy?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx

Steamy Sundays!

Froogs on the Miss Marplemobile!

 That caught your attention, didn’t it? I’m starting to feel more energetic and I can only assume that moving around is easier now that I’ve lost a few pounds and I know it will get easier. Just being 30lbs over weight is like spending every minute, of every day with a toddler in my arms and carrying them about. Today, we got the bikes out. We are really spoilt by our local surroundings; there are plenty of places to walk, to swim, to bike ride, virtually for free although we do have to get there. Today we drove to Bodmin and rode our bikes on the Camel Trail to Wadebridge. It’s 7 miles each way, mostly flat but through woodland, farm land and by the river. We often drive to Wadebridge and ride to Padstow, but as it was so windy, we chose a more sheltered route.

 We passed the Camel Valley Vineyard and the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway. No wine for me anymore but it was a delight to see the little steam train. I was fascinated and watched the guard get off the train, change the points manually, watched the driver and the stoker getting up a head of steam, watched them shunt the train down the track and onto the front of the train to take it back to the centre of Bodmin. It was a delight.

 My day out was free, energetic and certainly left me feeling energised from the fresh air and exertion. I’m now feeding Dearly Beloved exactly what I eat, but he has carbs with his meal, whilst I don’t. We had dry fried mushrooms, they sizzle and release their water if you add the tiniest amount of salt and a spray of one cal oil.

 I also made courgette chips in exactly the same way. This blog will soon be called a million things you can do with vegetables with no/very low carbs and no/very few calories.

 The meal here is why I could never go back to calorie counting, this is simple, there is a list of food I can eat and a list of food I can’t. Eat what you like from one list! Simple. Lunch was steak at an unfrugal £1.75 a portion!, green beans, mangetout, mushrooms, courgettes, fat free/carb free bearnaise sauce and 1% fat cream cheese. This is not a frugal diet and I’m spending on average £2 an evening meal, which is double my usual expenditure.

We don’t eat this expensively every day, however, after 14 miles on my bike, I felt like I had earnt it!

(added as a response to the question, the bike basket had warm clothes and waterproofs as you can’t trust the weather and bottled tap water……I’m not eating snacks between meals)

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxxx