Retro blogger template has returned.

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had to go back to my old blogger settings as it’s changed in some way and it was difficult for people to get to the comments. I like that part of blogging, especially when you start chatting amongst yourselves. 

The ‘dynamic view’ template worked well for ipad or tablet user as you could skip between one post and the next or catch up on a week’s reading in one go. This template means you have to scroll back to ‘older posts’. Some preferred the older style and some the new. I didn’t have much choice but to go back to the older style template so I could post a blog post and you could scroll down through the comments. You’ll also have noticed that you have to have  a google account to post a comment but other wise nothing stops you reading xx

I don’t have as much time as I used to and a lot of what I do is just a diary of living a simple life. I keep to the light hearted and non complicated and that’s why there’s a great emphasis on cooking, quilting, travel and less on other issues.

I’ve had a great week off work and it’s been lovely just to spend time on my hobbies and getting the house straight. I’ve scared myself by spending the contents of my current account by hiring a Transit van and by buying a kitchen for a new house and you’ve all been really comforting over a silly modern world problem. 

It’s still raining and I’m still fed up of it but it can’t be long until spring and we’re on the countdown to our next French adventure when we take the dogs with us, a van full of furniture and kitchen, I will fettle the flat and turn that into a temporary home and together we’ll work on the house and garden renovations. Until then it’s back to thrifty living, being careful with the bills and household expenses and having fun as cheaply as possible.

So, my apologies for the change of template and I hope you can read the comments on a tablet device.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


Booked, packed and ready to go!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m really excited and have no idea how I will sleep tonight. This time tomorrow night I will be in London at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for the MADS Blog awards. The only reason that I will be there is because of your nominations and votes. I’m a finalist in the Best Food Blog, Best Thrifty Blog and Blog of the year. The first two are based on votes and the finals is decided by a panel of judges. 

I’m looking forward to meeting some incredible bloggers and having a wonderful night! A big thanks to the companies who are dressing me and making me look good tomorrow night. So thanks to ,, and  I’m going up by train and coming back on the Night Riviera sleeper to be collected by Dearly Beloved at our local station at six in the morning! Many thanks to the old friend and dear reader who will be collecting me in their taxi from Paddington and getting me safely to and from the hotel. I’m a very very lucky blogger to have such a fancy night out. 

It’s funny to think of writing about getting by on two pence and making quilts from old shirts is going to get me a night out with a posh dinner just round the corner from Kensington Palace!

I won’t forget my camera this time and I’ll tell you all about it on Saturday. You can follow the evening’s proceedings on Twitter @queen_frugal and the updates on Frugal Queen on Facebook but you’ll need to be a follower and friend to see those so click on them as soon as you can. You can also see how the evening progresses on @MadBlogAwards, again on Twitter.

Good Luck to all the Bloggers and I’m really excited about meeting you all tomorrow night!

Until Saturday night!

Love Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx