Writing about all things thrifty, home cooking, fun on a budget and living between Cornwall & Huelgoat in Brittany.

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  1. Hi Froogs, I’ve been reading your blogs for about a year now & have recently started reading it from the very beginning. I’m a single mum, but I too, am on a mission to stop unnecessary consumerism and clear my mortgage off years early. You’re an absolute inspiration. Thank you for all that you do. 😊


  2. Hello, I have just found your lovely blog! I would like to make a patchwork quilt or cushions. But i have never used a sewing machine before, i am an absolute novice, I have purchased a second hand machine for £25.00, but don’t want to pay for expensive lessons. Please could you give me some advice? As for the materials , i would like to use scraps from charity shops or car boot sales, what type of material do i need to look for? Does it need to be cotton?.
    Sorry, to take up your time.


  3. Hi Froogs,
    I am feeling compelled to message you as i feel very desperate, i have been stupid and amounted a sum of money on a credit card, through divorce and the like, ive missed a payment or two and now have to sort myself out as im over the limit, £4k my hours have been reduced at work, we just manage but am feeling like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, i cant sleep, feel ill all the time and very teary, all my own fault i know and i need to sort this mess out i batch cook, freeze meals make snacks from virtually nothing, thank goodness i know how to cook and bake, we manage on using £5 electric and £5 gas a week and i try to keep grocery costs down to £50,
    i was considering a 0% intrest card to get on top of things, thats if i can be accepted for one as ive missed a few repayments on the CC.
    i just feel everything is a struggle, some words of wisdom would be so appreciated, thank you , samantha.


    • Hi Sam,

      What’s happened to you can happen to any one.

      Take stock – you’ve got bills and food to the lowest you can.

      Look at all other spending, what can you cut there.

      If you can get a 0% credit card, you can try that route but with £4K to pay back you are going to struggle.

      You need proper debt advice and I seriously suggest you google Stepchange and Christians against poverty in your area. Follow their advice to the letter. In your position you can get some debt written off.

      Also, cull everything you don’t need and sell it, a few quid here and there in the kitty will help.

      If you have a spare room, get a lodger.

      Finally, email me and I can go into more detail xxx



  4. Dear Frugal Mum I find myself in a predicament for which I would greatly value your advice. Are you able to take emails that don’t appear on the site please. I quite understand if not.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi frogs I usually go through your recipes quickly by name so I can find one that suits the ingredients I have but having a bit of trouble doing it now. Do you think you may be able to list them without pictures like you used to? Sorry to be a pain but I use your recipes all the time. Love Tina xx


  6. Dear Jane – I wonder if you still need curtain fabric? I have some curtains that are too good/nice to send to the charity shop. Would you be interested? I’m happy to send them to you via Hermes. I can send you photos if you would like that.
    Best wishes
    Lindsey (aka Bobbinin)

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  7. I too would love to see the return of the wonderful Food tab, but if it’s gone for good you can still use the tags on the main page. Clicking on “budget recipes” or “frugal food” brings up all of those lovely food posts. You have to sift through them a bit, but it’s a perfect excuse to sit down with a cuppa 😉


  8. Hi Froogs
    I know you love to learn and also love a bargain, so I thought I’d share a website with you which I’ve only recently come across & can’t recommend highly enough:


    The courses are free(!!) – unless you actually want to buy the certificate to say you’ve done them (& if you’re doing them for fun, why would you?!) and are run by universities across the world.

    I’ve just done the Wordsworth course which was actually good fun & nothing like the “dry” stuff we studied at school. I’ve signed up to learn Spanish in the New Year, but there are all sorts of other courses which might interest you or others (if you want to put the word out!)

    I don’t know why it’s not advertised (I only tripped over a link to the website while looking at the Lancaster University website – wish I’d come across it sooner!). Sorry if I’m coming over a bit “evangelical” but it’s not often you come across free stuff with no catches!



  9. Hi Froogs. I’ve followed you fir many years but I’ve realised fir some reason I’m not getting your emails anymore. Have you changed something? I really enjoy your posts. How can I get the back please.?


  10. Thanks! I love how you share how your blog is best read… As I normally do most of my blog reading and stuff on my computer (I just find it faster for me) I never have thought that some times a blog just reads slightly different depending on your device. It is good for me to remember that with my website. 🙂


  11. I am newly diagnosed as needing a gluten free diet. You have an amazing lot of different meals. I would love you to do a post on general hints about eating gluten free. I am in australia so won’t be able to buy your brands. Ps – I love your blog


  12. My dear friend Froogs, (hope I can call you a friend as I have been reading your blog for some time and feel I know you). I sooo appreciate your mission to be frugal by choice and what is even better about your mission is your willingness to share it with us. I pray the Lord pours His devine blessing out on you.
    Now I have a question. Please tell me what you do with all the small scraps of fabric that quilting and sewing produces. Not the ones you can make 2″ squares out of, not the even strips that can be strung together, the end pieces that are frayed and the tiny pieces that you can’t make anything out of or it is too time consuming to try. I have made cat pillows for every room of the house. I have stuffed the model dolls that I use to make children’s clothes and I still have bags of it. What do you do with it?
    I too choose to live under the wire. I enjoy all your tricks and your blogs of ideas.
    Thank you.
    Your friend


  13. Hello: I live in Canada and I’m a huge fan of yours. In fact, you inspired me to get my own financial house in order and two days ago, I became completely debt-free! The tips and mind-set from your blog have become my inspiration to take better care of my life, time and money – and I want to thank you for all your advice, supplied through your blog. Thanks!

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