Are you ready for Black Friday?

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ll never be a thrifty blogger who tells you the way to money saving is to get the best deals on this that or the other. I’ll be the thrifty blogger who says: get it for nothing, swap, barter, get it out of a skip, haggle at car boot sales, use Freecycle or the Freeads. Go to charity shops, re-cycling centres or just ask for something. Black Friday should be called cynical money grabbing commercialism Friday.

Now don’t get me wrong, America has given us some wonderful things but Black Friday isn’t one of them. By the way, love the music. Thanks for that. As for Black Friday, you can shove it!

So, we’ve imported that and it’s here and we don’t even have a public holiday weekend, visiting home or sporting spectacles to go with it, just the utter pointlessness of being encouraged to buy a load of detritus we just don’t need. I have checked. I’ve been around the house and we have everything we need. There are no gaps, nothing is missing. We have clothes, furniture, a TV, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment and toiletries. We’re fine thank you.

You could even think of this, the more you shop, the less you live. Shopping takes time, effort, energy that could be used visiting friends and family, participating in your community, you could have a de-clutter day where you get rid of stuff you neither need or want. In fact, if you can, take two items of anything you like to your local charity shop and donate it. Go through your books, find a few you’ve read and don’t want anymore and take them to work and leave them where people can find them and take them home and read them. On Bleak Friday, yes I did say bleak, do something else instead of shopping. I mean anything is better than buying things you don’t need.

Before you convince yourself that it’s a bargain, that you’ll save money, just check your house. Do you have shoes or none? Clothes or none? Electrical appliances or none? Do your children have toys and books or none? I will do everything I can to convince you that you need less than you think. If you have what you need, then you can stay out of the shops. If you need something, then refer to the first paragraph.

buy nothing day 2017

Over to you Dear Reader, who else is bucking the trend, staying home, with their purse shut and not spending money? Bleak Friday………….no thanks.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx