Fish and it’s not even Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

We love fish but it’s terribly expensive so we only have it about once a fortnight. We buy frozen acod, haddock, coley or pollock and today we had cod. I cooked it with lemon zest, lemon juice and some butter in a hot oven in a covered dish for 15 minutes. I served it with steamed kale and the left over green lentils and quinoa. Not bad for prepared and eaten within half an hour of getting in from work.

I also had a dish of the lentils and quinoa for lunch today and I’ll eat the same again for lunch tomorrow so yesterday’s cooking actually stretched to six portions so it worked out more cheaply than I initially thought.

This would also have worked well with a poached egg if I wanted this to be vegetarian.

Is it just me or does anyone else find fish expensive?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “Fish and it’s not even Friday

  1. Hi Froogs,
    To buy fish here is very expensive however we are so lucky that hubby is a fisherman as well as our son, we always have a good supply of fish. We eat it at least once a week.
    Have a lovely day.


  2. I agree it is expensive. Tesco salmon fillets (2 small ones are £4.50). You can buy a whole chicken for less so like you we don’t have it every week. I’ll eat tinned sardines on toast or make prawn cocktail on baked potato sometimes if that counts! I’ve also bought river cobbler to make fish curry and I buy frozen blocks of pollock.
    A friend of mine buys yellow sticker fish in Morrisons but I did that, put it in the freezer and once defrosted it smell awful so binned it. No saving that day


  3. Even though Canada is bounded by 3 oceans, I live smack in the middle of the country and thousands of miles from the coast so fish is VERY expensive! I buy canned sardines, tuna and salmon, and even those I buy on sale. I also look for good prices on frozen fish but fresh is definitely a treat.
    And even in a restaurant fish is often the most expensive item on the menu so when I do have it I try to appreciate each mouthful.


  4. Yes, fish can get pricey, and I am on the coast of the USA. I commonly have canned tuna and Salmon on hand, as well as frozen fish fillets of Salmon, Cod, Haddock (favorite), Flounder, Perch or Whiting. I make sure to get wild caught, and from the USA or Canada whenever reasonably possible The holidays are 2 occassions when I serve shrimp cocktail. I am picky about country of origin.


  5. I love fish and try eat it weekly even if it’s tinned sardines or mackerel. Fresh fish is gorgeous and I agree expensive. I remember fishing with my dad off Mutton Cove, Froogs when I was a little girl. You probably know where that is. I think growing up by the sea eating fish and seafood is all part and parcel of it. There is nothing like the taste of fresh fish. xx


  6. I live between two of the “Great Lakes” in the US but fish is not cheap here either. There is good fishing in the lakes, but we are not fishermen. I buy most of our fish from a freezer case–either in my regular store or in Sam’s Club. We pay almost $5 for two small servings of frozen salmon, wild caught from Alaska. It’s very good but it’s kind of an occasion when we have it. I did buy some frozen haddock the last time and it was less expensive –it’s also a favorite of mine. We had it once and I decided it needed some kind of sauce next time–still working on that. I buy canned salmon and tuna also. We also like lobster and crab but normally wait until vacation time to get some nearer the source. Occasionally I buy frozen crab cakes which are also good but expensive. Food is just not cheap where I live! Beans and rice aren’t bad however. Your lentil dish this week looked very good to me. I may cook some lentils this weekend, when it’s going to be below freezing for the high temperature tomorrow! It’s been a very warm fall so far. It stops tonight.


  7. We’ve been eating trout (not my favorite) since that’s what the youngest caught this summer. Very boney but good with lots of herbs de Provence and butter


  8. I was raised on the coast in Canada in a fishing area and fish was something that was just given away to family, friends and neighbours. Now I live inland and it seems like fish is very expensive although it is similar price to meat but it’s something that you get use to being free. It’s hard to find nice fish here and coming from the coast we can be a bit snobbish about what types of fish we eat and the quality. There’s nothing better than a meal of fish and then making leftovers into potatoe fish cakes to fry up the next day for supper.


  9. As it’s now Friday and there is not much to cook in the house, the Hubband and I will be having our favourite tonight. A bed of boiled rice with a can of lidl mackerel poured over the top cold. If we have them I’ll put a few mini gherkins in the bottom. Lidl do small ones with honey which make them extra sweet (think they’re called cornishons or cabouchons -which I know is a type of cut jewel -but we can never remember the proper name! It’s quite cheap as its 57p per can each and I think mackerel is quite “meaty” in texture. It’s also a go to when I’m being lazy and can’t be bothered to cook! 🙂


  10. Fish is definitely expensive. I live in Canada and right by the ocean no less. I know you live by the sea too. I just bought a package of frozen basa fillets. I haven’t had fish for a long time so I am looking forward to it.


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