Christmas preparations 

Hello Dear Reader,

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like the commercialism of Christmas. In my opinion, and that’s all it is, I think that too much money is spent, too much fuss is made and it can and does cause a lot of unnecessary stress for some people. You may love all the present making, the cooking, the shopping and house decorating and if so then carry on but don’t feel you have to join in if you don’t want to do so.

As every year passes, I feel less inclined to join in at all and less bothered that anyone else does exactly as they please. I don’t go to Christmas parties and never have, nor do I buy new clothes or do anything out of the ordinary to my house. I do look forward to a couple of weeks off work and like to use the time to do some DIY, outdoor maintenance, get out for some brisk walks and use the dark evenings to catch up on craft and reading. We will be in France for the Christmas break and it’s very un-commercial in my experience. No Christmas music piped into the supermarket, no crowds buying everything in sight, no feeling of anything much out of the ordinary except boxes of chocolates on sale which are not normally there. It’s an old fashioned time for families and just about everything shuts including the bars and hotels as they have families too and want the time off.

I’m writing this as every year, as soon as the buy stuff for Halloween adverts end, the buy stuff for Christmas starts. I used to change channel, hit mute or turn off the radio. It irks me less now and I sigh and roll my eyes less now. I’m more able to accept that people will do what people will do with every passing day. I still worry about families who will rack up massive debts and overspend leaving them financially short in the new year with the same bills to pay. I wish they were more fiscally sensible but I can’t change the world with wishes.

I can share some thoughts for anyone reading this now who might feel under pressure do spend what they don’t have or to make preparations for a celebrations they feel overwhelming. It’s just this. Stop. Take a deep breath and evaluate what you can afford and want to do. It’s just a day. It doesn’t need anymore food than normal and you house doesn’t have to look like a grotto unless you want it to.

We do celebrate a very low key Christmas. At some stage, I will invite family round and we will have a Christmas meal. I will give token gifts to immediate family and we will have a steak and some Port on Christmas day itself. That’s our way. It doesn’t affect anyone else and they way anyone else doesn’t affect me.

If you feel overwhelmed, under pressure, busy to the point of bursting then feel free to take a step back and ease off the fuss. I will be sharing a few low cost recipes and ideas but don’t feel any need to do anything at all if you don’t want to. I don’t think it needs to be expensive, fussy, stressful at all and can be just a lovely time in the middle of winter to have a few days off and relax.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx