Posh grub on a Saturday 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve successfully had a meatfree week with plenty of pulses to replace the meat protein. We’re aiming to just eat meat at the weekend to keep our food budget under control as I’m finding food more expensive every week. Often, the prices look the same but packs are smaller. I’ve added plenty of dried pulses to our shopping and soaking and cooking them ourselves. Most days, I’ll have soup as one of my meals and I add beans or lentils to that too. 

Today,I roasted four chicken breasts with lemon zest and juice, some sweet potato and treated us to an avocado each. I made hummus from the chickpeas I’d cooked steak earlier. I cooked double the amount as we’ll have the same for supper. It feels really special to have meat and we’re ok having less of it and it’ll do our health and waistlines good too.

Tonight,I’m soaking mixed fruit and cherries in rum for our gluten free Christmas cake which I shall bake tomorrow. Of course, I’ll share the recipe then.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


5 thoughts on “Posh grub on a Saturday 

  1. That looks lovely. I love pulses, beans, sweet potato and avocado. I’ve never made hummus though I do bulk cook and store pulses in the freezer, so any tips you have gratefully received. I’d like to make a smaller amount of hummus than the tubs you can buy in the supermarket.


    • I make a big batch of hummus every two weeks and then store it in small portions in the freezer. ‘Fresh’ hummus is always available to us then.


  2. tis the season to watch out for cheap dried goods , im on an onion hunt at the moment , plus more beans of any description , we dont eat much meat because we cant afford it , plus supermarket eggs from the tortured chicken make up most of our protien . Its weird how animal welfare and organics have to go out of the window when your poor


    • We have a free range chicken farm fully on view alongside the A38 that we see everyday with chickens outside. Do you think these chickens are being tortured? Also, don’t be hard on yourself, you are doing your best.


  3. We purchase a 1/4 Highland cow every so often and freeze it and then eat meat once per week. The rest of our diet is plant-based but I am still finding that our shopping budget is rocketing. We usually have farinata (chickpea flat bread) and a green smoothie for breakfast; veg soup or pack up (crudite, samosa/sandwich/oatcakes, piece of fruit, tsp hummus, and tbsp nuts) for lunch; and veg with beans for tea.

    This post has made me think about why our food costs are so high. All in the house are partial to snacks (roasted Fava beans, fruit leather and dark chocolate). I think that this is where we could reduce our spends! I am going to start with myself and give myself a small jar of Fava beans which are to last me all week.

    Thank you!


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