Hello Dear Reader,

Every week, one of our meals is always on toast. Sometimes, it would simply be a couple of poached eggs, or beans with a sprinkle of grated cheese. Today, as I was so hungry that I could have eaten the garden path on the way to the house, I had a whole tin of pilchards. I always keep tins of fish in our larder and I usually use a tin of pilchards to mix with mashed potatoes to make fish cakes. 

We really love simple humble food and there’s nothing more humble, or cheap than toast. 

What do you have on yours?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


16 thoughts on “Toast!

  1. Beans, always! Although just cheese on toast at the very least 🙂 I am trying to shop Zero Waste and I can get the cheese without packaging as well as beans in a recyclable can so it’s a win win 🙂
    Thanks for your posts Froogs, you have been inspiring me for years!


  2. Morning Froogs,
    Our weekend breakfast is Vegemite and avocado on toast with a perfectly cooked egg on top, a good grind of salt and pepper, a splash of sweet chilli sauce and I am in heaven. Simple and delicious. Have a lovely day.


  3. Pilchards for me they are bigger and fatter little fellows, I sometimes find the small sardines a little bitter especially if not bathed in tomato sauce but sardines are improved with a squeeze or shake of lemon and some black pepper or mashed up into some delicious “pate”; or paste . Cheese on toast (cheddar) and a green tart eating apple, or wensleydale and sweet mincemeat. My very favourite is a bowl of Scotch broth or veggie soup with a coronation chicken sandwich alongside, mayo curry couple of raisins or sultanas few small bits of chicken leftover scraps in white sliced or a brown roll whatever there. Now that one sets you up for the next 24hours in one meal :):) Hope your getting used to a darker travel home. Early bed for me and cat. !


  4. My favourite is always scrambled eggs on toast with lots of butter – but – I have developed a taste for a slice of good dark rye topped with mashed avocado, tinned sardines & sliced tomato! Actually, pretty much anything goes on toast as far as I’m concerned!


  5. I did something similar last night–had an afternoon dr appt and didn’t get home all that early. The question was do we eat out or do I whip something up? I had put in a loaf of bread before I left and husband took it out when it was done. I wanted a grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich–if you haven’t tried it, you should! SO I heated up some leftovers for husband, who was perfectly happy to eat them if he didn’t have to go out. And I had my grilled PB & J!!

    In general, my favorite is jelly or jam on toast! Peanut butter is not a passion of mine, but I did have a craving last night.


  6. On toast is not much of a US Midwest meal, but toast on the side like with scrambled eggs, a bowl of soup, a makeshift stew is sort of the same concept. I never realized until my daughter was a student in the UK how canned baked beans were such a staple across the ocean, but see how well they would work in a pinch. .


    • Not so much “in a pinch” , more of a regular staple! Beans on toast is a go-to quick and nutritious meal ( complete protein ). My OH is diabetic and rinses off the sugar-laden sauce but adds his own mixture of mayonnaise, chili, etc. One of my favourites is hot toast with cold cottage cheese.


  7. A sliced up raw tomato from the garden in summer on buttered toast with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Cheese on toast with baked beans on top I winter … always cheese first!


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