Foodbank Advent 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s really tough out there for so many families and winter leaves families with stark choices of heating or eating. DB and I know what it’s like to tell the children that we have next to nothing for a Christmas and just hoped they’d get presents off other people. You can have the best money management skills in the world but you can’t manage money you haven’t got! Also, as Universal Credit is rolled out across the country, the wait time to receive it is twelve weeks. If you lost your job today and needed to apply for benefits whilst you looked for work, you wouldn’t receive a penny until well into 2018. I wish Foodbanks weren’t needed but sadly they are a part of life for families who are barely getting by.

My aim for November is to use part of my food budget each week to buy long life food items for our local foodbank. They need fruit juice, longlife milk, tinned fruit, vegetables, fish, meat products,  tinned puddings, noodles, instant mash potato, tea, coffee, toiletries, cleaning products, feminine hygiene products, packs of disposable razors, biscuits, cooking sauces and any herbs and spices with a long date on them. I’ll also try and pop in Christmas items like chocolate and cake. 

It won’t make much of a difference to our budget but it might help out some local families.

Here’s my challenge to you if you choose to take part. Can you start your reverse advent calendar to have some donations for your local foodbank to take to them by the end of November ?

Anything you can donate will help.

Over to you. Who’s on board?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx