A day for just me

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a very indulgent day off in my sewing room. It’s taken my spare evenings and a few hours this week to get this far. This quilt will take a while as I want to get it right. This is the first quilt that I’ve made for me.

I want to get it finished before the end of November as that’s when Bonnie Hunter releases her free online tutorial for her annual mystery quilt. You can download the pdfs for a short while and then quilt at leisure.

I’m not great at sewing by artificial light so I’ll stop now and join some more blocks in the morning. I have 15 more blocks to make like this. I like to make all the component parts first and then just assemble the quilt. It’ll be easy to stitch in the ditch every 3 inches. By the way, I cook and do DIY in metric but always sew in imperial. Also, DB helps by cutting all the dog ears off my 3 1/2 inch blocks. The design for this quilt is Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “A day for just me

  1. Oh Froogs, the colours are just beautiful, have fun with this quilt. It’s so funny that I haven’t made a quilt just for me yet, also. I have made many but none for me. I will have to rectify that situation. Have a wonderful day sewing.


  2. Oh, it’s beautiful! You are so good at color mixing. After years of quilting, I finally made my first quilt for me, and me one, last fall. It was a Christmas themed quilt, a simple, scrappy four patch from leftover fabrics from Christmas quilts I have made for my kids over the years. It felt quite indulgent! I can’t wait to set it out again this year.


  3. I made that one last year too. I’m now waiting impatiently for this years to be released. Love Bonnie’s quilts.
    Susan from Australia


  4. I had a sewing day for my birthday, my beautiful husband made lunch, and dinner washed up , my day started at 6am and didn’t finish until 10pm,
    oh what joy!!!!


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