Planning ahead to save money

Hello Dear Reader,

I went to a Poundland today to pick up some cleaning products and broke my frugal fast. It’s the cheapest place to buy knee highs that I wear under my trousers at work. They’ll keep me going until Christmas.

Whilst I was there, I bought four baskets to fill with little gifts for Christmas presents. They’re the size of shoe boxes. They’ll be filled with small items and treats that I’ve bought over the weeks. Last year, I put everything into a box and then wrapped the box and I thought I’d make a bit more effort this year. Also, the recipients can use the baskets afterwards. So, work hosiery and Christmas gifts and £6 over spend. 

Other than that, it’s been a very thrifty weekend. I bulk cooked, cleaned the house, cut the lawn, laundery done washed and dried outside, did a budget shop in Aldi, worked on my current quilt and bulk cooked for the week ahead. 

I made bolognaise sauce, ham and bean soup. I didn’t have any haricot beans so I just rinsed the sauce off supermarket baked beans. 

I baked potatoes that’ll go in the fridge for the week and just get reheated.

I have soup for every day at work and two more portions in the freezer. Chicken casserole which is tastier than it looks. I also slow cooked some pork to slice when cold. 

Everything has been bagged up and will go into the freezer. Nothing more exciting than that. The house is clean and there’s meals in the freezer.

It’s all about saving money, even if I broke my fast.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


10 thoughts on “Planning ahead to save money

  1. I love the warm feeling of a well stocked freezer especially home made and cheap. I called in to our co-op today and picked up 3 small baquettes 17p each and a french stick for 24p.As soon as I got home I made 8 french bread pizzas and 12 slices of garlic bread all individually wrapped in freezer. The chaps shared a cherry pie for supper that was 31p so now I know what time to visit that store! Our favourie cheap meal at the moment is stuffed cabbage, just layers of savoy cabbage and sausage dotted with butter and slow cooked for 2 and a half hours with a dollop of creamy mash and there’s left overs!


  2. Hi, well all we’ve been doing this weekend is preparing for horricane Ophelia unfortunately. Hitting Ireland hard apparently tomorrow and Scotland after us tomorrow night. Hopefully it won’t hit as hard as forcasted.
    Please keep us all in your thoughts.
    Many thanks for your posts xx


  3. What is in the first bowl? I love to cook in bulk. I am going to do that tonight–taco casserole that is more like soup the way I cook it. I will freeze it in portions without meat and add ground pork or diced chicken for me and ground beef for exbf. I cannot eat beef.

    I like the idea of saving small goodies for a gift. Those baskets are perfect. Even the boxes are nice. I often find things not good enough for a stand-alone gift.


  4. My husband batch cooked lentil bolognese at the weekend. 1kg dried green lentils made 1 lentil bolognese, 3 lentil shepherd pies and 4 lentil baked beans to go with toast. I also batch cooked some white beans in the slow cooker. My little boys cleared their rooms of toys for Christmas; agreeing to give some away and to sell some. They’ve had so much fun today playing with ‘forgotten’ toys and they’re only left with ones they truly play with.

    Apart from that we’re doing play dates and visiting granny. I’m clearing out for winter, sanding the wood on the staircase and wrapping the boys’ Christmas presents; I’ve really pared back Christmas gift giving with the boys doing ‘Something I’d like.., Something I need…, Something to wear…, and Something to read (we’ve changed this to eat and the boys chose little packs of cereal – a huge treat for them!)… It feels like time to snuggle down for winter.

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  5. Hi, every year I save the Christmas stamps I get from Morrison’s, then I go to a Morrison’s superstore and buy toiletries, chocolates, booze,and any other bit I see, it’s already been paid for so this offsets present buying and making sure we have a debt free Christmas


  6. You rinsed off the sauce from the baked beans! Drain it and use it either as ketchup or flavour it with any kind of mustard and you get instant barbecue sauce. Both keep in fridge for a couple of weeks. Or freeze it and add it to soup making ingredients.


  7. Hi froogs a quick freezer cooking question I have made cottage pie for freezer but ran out of mash do you know if instant mash will freeze and reheat ok in the oven, trying to get ahead for the week as working full time, thanks.


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