Close your purse and eat your leftovers

Hello Dear Reader,

Day ten and no spending. I fished a pot of frozen casserole out of the freezer and added some chunks of swede that I cooked and popped in the microwave. As I’m officially saying it’s like winter, we had a big serving of mashed potato to go with it.

Food bills can creep up at this time of year as it’s getting colder, getting darker and we get home from work and we’re tired and we need grab and go food some time. It’d be too easy to pick up a takeaway or something easy from the supermarket but having something in the freezer makes things easier.

I’ve also got a bag of stuff to keep me busy and the dark is making me sleepy and getting me to bed earlier.

Who’s still with me and the not spending.

We’ve got this.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


15 thoughts on “Close your purse and eat your leftovers

  1. Hi, I saved up for a big piece of topside (£20:00) it did Sunday lunch, shepherds pie, curry, pie with extra veg put in and what gravy was left went on sasauge and mash.”I’m buggerd”!!!!xxxx


  2. So far have only spent on food, gas and unexpected vet bill (not complaining I would do anything for my dogs). Food costs way down as I’m shopping in my cupboards!


  3. We had Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend so there are lots of leftovers. I portioned things up this morning and then re-organized the freezer. The only protein I’ll need to buy for the next 6 weeks is some fish.
    I’ve gone through the fridge and made a list – some dairy and a bit of fruit & veg should get me to the end of the month.
    I have a 4 day mystery writers/readers conference to attend this week and I’m going to be packing a lunch and snack each day!


  4. Am trying really hard, not doing too bad for me, am using up as much as poss from the freezer and using leftovers. Even made myself laugh on the way home from work because I was thinking about popping to the shop and then said to myself ‘come on what would Froogs do’! Also had some unexpected car bills…..


  5. I’m using lots up in freezer and I am also cooking and freezing stuff I’m sure we won’t eat yet and may spoil. I’ve made 4 portions chicken casserole using chicken veg and a country packet soup that needed using up with herbs from our garden. 3 portions quorn and veg casserole using a tin of veg soup I found and my herbs. Cooked swede mashed with pepper butter and nutmeg 2 portions now frozen some cookies, quorn and veg bolognase and meat bolognase. All frozen and ready. Tomorrow I’m going thru cupboards and freezer again now I’m on a roll.!


  6. Mind starts today (pay day). I intend to eat myself through my freezer this month. The only extra I will buy is fruit for a Xmas cake, which I think is acceptable.


  7. While I’m not on a no spend, we have a pricey month with two weekends out of town I was exhausted and really wanted take out-pizza or Chinese. I made a pot of rice and heated up a discount can of chicken and dumpling soup with some breaded eggplant and mozzarella sandwiches. Fed the three os us for probably under $4.


  8. I just ask myself, what is worth more to me, my freedom or the (probably) not needed item I want to buy. If I have run out of meals from the freezer I’m quite happy with eggs on toast or a bowl of oatmeal – quicker, healthier and cheaper than takeaway!


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  9. I had previously promised my daughter I would go to the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally with her so have given her the money for the ticket. But I will not go near Geoff Rosenberg’s fabric stall. That man is EVIL!! (he’s lovely by the way but seduces you into spending) I have plenty of fabric, in fact I have SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy). So like you, I shall be keeping myself busy with sewing what I have. Apart from that, the notes in my purse are acquiring cobwebs


  10. We are on the penultimate day of our holiday and so my husband is making a veg curry with the leftover Frozen and fresh veg so we don’t take anything home. I think tomorrow we’ll be left with porridge, a little fruit, lentil soup and oatcakes.

    We are holidaying with a very spendy family but have only had homemade food and pack ups all week. I’ve watched the other family eat out and buy stuff every day!


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