No spend week

Hello Dear Reader,

I love a Friday night fakeaway, tonight we’ve had some pollock as it’s a sustainable and cheap fish at only £3.99 a kilo and only requires a sprinkle of chickpea flour and popping in a hot oven. Some homemade chips and a tin of mushy peas between us.

Other than our groceries, it’s been a week of no spending. This weekend will be filled with free entertainment and I’m busy quilting, we have family coming to stay and we’re hoping for good weather on Sunday to get out for a long walk. No money has been spent and we’re not spending any this weekend either.

Not spending doesn’t do us any harm, we’re not suffering, we’re warm and well fed and happy enough. What it does do is reaffirm that we don’t need a lot.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


6 thoughts on “No spend week

  1. I think the nicest things are those homey, familiar things that are so satisfying and fulfilling. I’ve never been a gadabout in any way at all so the thought of spending lots of money on a night out is just boring!
    I’m not aiming for no-spend, but generally, that’s what it is.
    J x


  2. I am surprised sometimes, when I think about it, how often we do a no spend month. We buy groceries, pay bills, put money into piles for taxes and insurance and by the 10th or so all is pretty much done for the month! We just don’t need that much anymore. We did save enough to paint the house this summer and that is nice. It really does become a habit.


  3. Hardly ever spend these days and every day of every week and every month is almost always ‘no spend’ . I have lost the urge to spend and am quite happy making do with what I have. Its so liberating.


  4. HI, I used to read your blog everyday but haven’t for a while (what was I thinking!!!!!) We are really struggling for money currently and after having a year of ‘plenty’ with a holiday and getting a new puppy we really need to reign it in. I am up for having a shut purse for the rest of the month!! I have been sorting through cupboards and am looking for recipes to use up what we have already. Also been sorting through our things and sorting the kids rooms and reminding them that we don’t need tat and Im thinking that we will have a very low spend christmas as currently I have money for it anyway. So, I shall be looking at your blog everyday from now, thanks for the push I needed.


  5. Not managed a no spend week as we are on holiday with another family just now but I sold an item on eBay before we left, with a profit of £40. I’ve rented a movie (my husband wanted), bought a second hand toy for my 2 year olds Christmas, and bought some cloth hankies for the boys’ stockings (I usually make my own but these had Spiderman on them) with a grand total of £22. We are going for ice-cream today then an outdoor adventure playground on Friday (Tesco vouchers are paying for this). I’ve been very conscious of our £40 budget and it’s helped this be a great holiday with eating together, packed lunches, parks, forest walks, crafts and games.

    It’s also fab to have a sounding board for my thoughts and actions as well as to feel accountability to a community of like-minded people.

    Thank you Frugalqueen for keeping me mindful of spending. It seems like the less we spend the more fun we have!



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