Keep it shut


Hello Dear Reader,

There is nothing better than a shut purse! Even better an empty one. Most days, I don’t carry any cash and can’t and won’t just pop off and spend money. When you have to plan your spending and you consciously think about what you do with money, you hold onto it as much as possible. No one has an easy job these days and money doesn’t just land in our laps so we all need to be careful with every penny we earn. 

This is day three of my month long no spend and  each day of having nothing in my purse reminds me that there’s more to life than consumerism. I’ll keep my purse clamped shut until November. How are you doing this month?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


8 thoughts on “Keep it shut

  1. Normally, we try to be frugal, and following the excellent tips from here and other sites, it has meant we now have some much appreciated savings. These will now be called upon. I have a zero hours contract, and have to submit time sheets for hours worked. This leads to some lean weeks/months. Imagine my upset, to discover that the most recent time sheet was ‘lost’ by payroll, so no salary at the end of September. Mistake identified, but cannot be rectified until October pay run. However despite a minor panic, I think I can squeak through this month, thanks to storecupboard, savings and cooking from scratch. With a fair wind there will be empty coffers but no overdraft. Wish us luck


  2. My husband bought my little boy a pencil sharpener yesterday as his was broken. I’m trying to keep spending down and have started selling items on eBay and gumtree. I’ll track extra spending and things I’ve sold and see if I can swing the balance in favour of money made.

    We’re going on holiday with the children in a few days and I’m hoping to do lots of free swing parks, woodland walks, Loch Ness monster hunting and craft activities!

    In addition, I’ve decided to potty train my youngest child which should also reduce spending – no more nappies. Yeah!

    A no spend month makes me live more consciously and helps me be more grateful for the things I have.

    Thank you Frugalqueen.

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  3. I thought, when I read your title, it meant doors. Keeping outer doors shut can help bit opening inner doors just before bedtime can help to spread the warmth to where you’re going to spend the next six to eight hours!
    But you didn’t so my pondering was irrelevant! 🙂


  4. I’m not having such an austere frugal fast as you, but I am aiming for several of the notes in my purse to have dust on them by the end of the month. Apart from the note I put in the church collection, so far they are sleeping like babies


  5. Sometimes I feel like a toddler who is covering her ears and shouting “nyah nyah, can’t hear you” to all the societal messages. We’re even getting Christmas ads here in the U.S., but “nyah nyah….”

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