Thrifty winter hobbies


Hello Dear Reader,

2/10/2017 – no money spent. I’m at my sewing machine tonight. Hundreds of little squares in a chain. I’m quilting and I hope to use my spare time to make another king sized quilt this month.

My lumie daylight lamp means I can sew and see what I’m sewing in the dark. I’ve got the radio on and I love the gloomy autumn and winter evenings as I’m found in my sewing room making something.

Two days down, 29 to go of my no spend month.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


7 thoughts on “Thrifty winter hobbies

  1. Spent yesterday making chutney with free and foraged fruit, aromatherapy candles from salvaged candles and leftover essential oils and olive oil and lavender bars of soap, using your tutorial on soap making from 2010! All for frugal Christmas gifts. We had great fun and are delighted with the results!


  2. Goodmorning Froogs,
    I got into my sewing room yesterday as well. We had yesterday off as a public holiday (Queens birthday) I have had a little quilt underway for most of this year, I had cut out all the pieces needed and sewn some squares up, but yesterday I got all the squares sewn up ready for assembly. I am using the “Eyespy Quilt” from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. The pattern is free on their YouTube channel. I just love Jenny’s tutorials. Have fun with your next quilt. Fi


      • Any particular layout? Looks like lots of two inch squares! I am currently putting together my leftover two inch squares to form eight-patch blocks. These will get sashed, and set on point. I shamelessly stole the idea from the Moda Bake Shop. It’s called “Road Fifteen Sixteeen Patch,” but I am adapting it to use my leaders and enders from other projects. Years ago I challenged myself to use only thrift shop or salvaged fabric for my quilts. Sometimes it’s fabric salvaged from thrift shop clothes…and yes, I see fabric from old boxer shorts in many of my quilts!


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