Stock pots?

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been confusing you.

When I say stock pot, I mean these. Pots of stock.

They come in a variety of types and most are gluten free. Most stock cubes are not gluten free so I can’t use them. I buy these when they are on offer or multi buys. You open them, and plop the little lump of concentrated stock into whatever requires it. 

Sorry for any confusion.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs 


5 thoughts on “Stock pots?

  1. Wonderful little things. OH cannot tolerate potato starch, a main ingredient of gravy in lots of forms. He can handle these and they are very versatile and tasty.


  2. Well, I am in the US and never heard of these “stock pots.” I will have to see if we have these in the US. Thanks for the education.


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