Cold, wet and hungry? 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve got dirty weather! You know the sort where you can barely see the car in front of you on the commute home. The temperature has dropped and the house felt really cold when I got home….well, it was until I got my fleece PJs on! On days like these (Sept-May!) I need to come home and have something to eat straight away.  Before I left this morning, I used

1 reduced price pack of chopped chicken breast

2 chopped leeks

1 sliced onion

6 medium potatoes cut into large chunks

1/2 a swede cut into cubes

2 tins of tomatoes

1 stock pot

1/2 bunch chopped celery

Add the lot to a slow cooker and cook on low all day. When I got home, I threw in a tablespoon on gluten free gravy granules to thicken.

Most of our weekday meals will be simple meat, veg and stock cooked together in the slow cooker and ready to eat when we get home. It’s not much to look at but I’m hungry enough to eat anything when I get in and I don’t want any faffing around and just want supper.

Nothing to fancy to share at the moment, just chuck it in and cook it food.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx