Always fix it first 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a wonky creaky ecofan that had clunked and rattled as if was off kilter in some way. The noise drove us mad!

What’s an ecofan? It’s a fan that converts heat into electricity and turns a fan to circulate the warm air from the top of the wood stove around the room. Ours is the original, made in Canada and that’s where we had the part delivered from; via a supplier in the UK. It came with instructions to replace the motor and now its whirring away quietly on top of our stove creating an even warmth around the room.

I’m a great believer in repairing anything we own and keeping it going even if it might seem cheaper to just go out and buy new. It seems a shame and a terrible waste just to throw things away when they can be repaired. Our ecofan worked perfectly for five years and the repair should get that much out of it again. 

Who’s with me on this one? Who’d rather repair than replace?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


18 thoughts on “Always fix it first 

  1. My Hubby has just cleaned mended my 30 year old Kenwood Major. Anything broken in our house is taken to bits and mended if at all possible.


  2. Absolutely with you on that one FQ. I admire your skill. My favourite party trick at the moment is replacing worn handles on UPVC windows, after watching a video on youtube. The fitter wanted £20 to replace one. You can buy a quality Yale inline handle on ebay for 5.95, other brands are even less. Just use a small vice and a hacksaw to cut screws and the latch to size using the old one as a guide, and you’re away. Best wishes, Eilidh x


  3. We always repair if possible but sometimes the parts are more than the new item here in the USA. We have purchased two used stoves like ours just for the parts and it has kept ours going for years past when we would have had to replace it. We needed a new electric burner a few years ago and found that it would be $50. Next time we were at the thrift store we found a cook top in our brand with four brand new burners for $60 so we bought it and replaced all four.


  4. Goodmorning Froogs,
    We always try and repair first, hubby hasn’t always been handy, he’s had to learn. However if the cost of repair is too high we will replace the item, if needed. Have a lovely day”


  5. I like to repair and will spend abit more on something if I know it can be repaired and will last a long time. Just wish I understood the car engine! After my husband passed away I decided to try to learn more about mending things around the home as he was always so good at that. YouTube has been a huge help along with a few willing friends happy to teach me! So far I’ve mended the drier, toaster and fitted new ropes on my wood burner door. Very satisfying. My next challenge is the oil filled radiator … probably the fuse…


  6. The inside grate and backplate of our wood burner has now burned through and a replacement is required. The manufacturer, via the local dealer, wants over €500 to replace the pieces! So, tomorrow, we are visiting a local blacksmith who says he can replace the pieces, handmade. No price yet, but I bet it won’t be €500.


  7. Hi
    love following your blog, we are in the process of having a log burner fitted, could you tell me who your supplier is for your log burner heat fan


  8. Yes we like to try and repair first, we replaced the element in our fan assisted oven about every six to eight months, that was until it blew the final time. The power of the element going took with it a the lighting and a dvd recorder. We decoded then it was time for a new cooker after ten years!


  9. Love the eco fan which I have never heard of before. I am going to investigate that. We have a small Jotul woodburner but it is not our principal heat source (the sun plus insulation provide that normally) however when we do use it a fan would certainly help circulate the heat. Helen in France


  10. Totally with you on this. I always try to repair or find another use for things I already have. I also do swaps too – my family have all grown up and so 6 portion pans and stockpots have been swapped for 4 and 2 portion versions. Still batch cook but smaller quantities which works well for me. Rugs and curtains get the same treatment – washing and cleaning them brings them back to life and then a swap round with family and friends. I mended my very old stick blender which I much prefer using and handed over the new one to a grand daughter off to Uni. Nothing going to waste. Love the ecofan. Great idea..


  11. I’m with you on this and the internet has certainly made it much easier to find parts even when they are no longer manufactured! That was the case with the hinges on our kitchen cabinets in our previous house but I was able to buy a stockpile of them via the internet as they kept breaking.


  12. Just ordered an Ecofan from the States. Even with shipping and taxes it is half the price of By the time it arrives it may be cold enough to have to light the woodburner. Thanks for the info. Helen in France


  13. Finally the fan has arrived. Daytime temperatures are in the twenties at the moment and the house is 23°. We will light the stove tonight, strip off and test the fan.


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