Shopping and budgeting 

Hello Dear Reader,

The larder has had a sort out, stocktake and replenish thanks to Lidl: baked beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, passata, tomato purée, mushy peas, fruit, fish, corned beef, flour, pasta, rice, stock pots, pulses and milk. Several week’s worth of meal additions.

On my way home, we called into B&M as I find it really cheap for cleaning products and toiletries. I found some fleece ladies pyjamas for £15 which I thought I might come and buy at a later date. Then I noticed the men’s were reduced so I bought those instead. I don’t sleep in them but wear them around the house in the evenings instead of putting on the heating. I’ve been wearing old jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt but they’ve definitely seen better days.

I buy food and toiletries for our local foodbank and picked up ten toothbrushes for £1.99. What a bargain. 

Over to you, is anyone else well stocked? Or found any bargains?

I’m now off to cook for the week ahead.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Shopping and budgeting 

  1. I have a very well stocked cupboard and freezer but it is time to run the supplies down again. Trouble is I can’t resist a bargain if it saves money in the long run.


  2. For many years we lived in an area where we could be cut off by flooding or downed trees or snow and ice. I got in the habit very early of having well-stocked cupboards and freezer. Now that we live in the desert that stocking up is a habit I haven’t been able to break. My excuse now is that when traffic and shopping get heavier due to the return of the “snowbirds” I don’t have to go out unless I really want/need to. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term “snowbirds” they are people who come to this area to escape the difficult winters in the North and East of the US.


  3. Hi, after he school holidays I clear out my pantry and start stocking up for winter ,yes I dare, I say it Christmas!!!! It’s not just food, toiletries, refresh my first aid kit , medicines, socks, all cleaning, light bulbs, batteries.I find B n M great for this little at a time, and come November it’s he push for Christmas which I love. Xxxx


  4. Always well stocked with toothbrushes. Both my husband and I have electric ones–our dentists insisted on them. We go to different dentists–he has one, I have two–one regular and one endodontist. He goes every 6 months and dentist gives him a free tooth brush at every visit. I go to one of mine every three months, and always get a free toothbrush. That’s 6 free ones a year. My DD usually comes “shopping”–on the back of the toilet I have a long narrow basket where I toss the extras–tiny tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, sample sizes of lotions, shower gels, etc. They are for visitors, or whoever gets them first. My daughter takes what she needs and my granddaughter is welcome to as well. She doesn’t come round as frequently though. They also still go into the kitchen when they pop in and see if there are any good baked goods there! Or leftover pizza in the fridge.
    Right now I am pretty well stocked up–I try to keep it that way especially for winter. We do get snowed in from time to time. I have about 6 items on my grocery list that I need when they go on sale–ice cream is on sale this week—we are halfway through the last carton we have. I just brought up several tins of unsalted tomatoes which I got at 50 cents per 15 oz can last year. I bought enough to keep a dozen or so in the basement on the shelves where I store serving pieces and things I only use occasionally. I will keep bringing them up as I use them so they don’t get outdated and not used. I think there are a few other things like tinned fruit there also. I also have ready to serve soups which I don’t normally buy but could eat if the power went out. We have a generator which means we could run the microwave but not the electric stove. Once the needed items go on sale, I will buy what we will need for this winter and be ready once again! We had about 10 days of really chilly days, but now it’s summer again. It will not last, however!


  5. I’m pretty much stocked up on toiletries & cleaning supples for the next 6 months. I do need to get some more bleach this week (and it is on sale) and around the end of November I will do another stock up on loo paper and then I should be fine until about May.
    Freezer is well stocked with meat so all I’ll buy between now and the end of October is a turkey (Cdn. Thanksgiving is coming up) and some fish. I might be tempted by some 50% off stickers but I’ll really think about it first.
    Pantry is well stocked with tins but I usually try to add a few each week – depending upon what’s on sale.
    I have been freezing low cost peppers for the past week and I will probably pick up a 10-lb bag of onions this week and freeze or caramelize most of them as they are also on at an especially low price at the moment.


  6. We have an M &S and a B&M which seems really good next door to each other – one pricey one cheap and 50p for parking returned if you spend a fiver at M&S better still walk up from free parking in town and get the markdowns from M&S as they close. Just starting to get into the soups and stews mindset for autumn yum, its been a weekend of Leek Shows up here (veggies and industrial produce shows and Dahlias etc) the gardens harvest coming in. As children we grew up with minimal heating and were brought up to dress for the day before breakfast and change into jeans and jumpers and sneakers after work school and I still do. Nobody wore what they call leisure clothes ie pjs or snuggly clothes in the evenings or as alot of friends sons do shorts and hoodie – all in the evening, It was too cool/cold, and then CHeating arrived and its so very expensive but consequently I feel very odd lounging around in pjs and a dressing gown downstairs although I will snuggle under a fleecy throw. We were posh either it was just a habit learned a habit kept.Love your nice tidy store cupboard. Thats my jobs planned for tomorrow night a good sort out. Thanks


  7. Everything is well-stocked around here. The only thing I need right now is running water. Something gave way in the basement. I will have a can of chicken noodle soup since I am ill. Later tonight, I will have tuna salad. While I have plenty of food, I only really want pasta which uses too much of my water in jugs!

    When I see tuna on a good sale, I only buy a dozen cans. Then, at the next sale, I buy a dozen more. I don’t eat it as fast as I buy it because I want to have a good stockpile. I do eat the oldest date first which is never out of date.

    I finally got to see mushy peas, Ambrosia brand. They are the identical pea as our English peas which I am allergic to, so I could not try them.

    My box of extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap is given to my three children, dil, and four grandchildren. My dentist gives me a new toothbrush every six months. I need a GUM brand that is soft…lol…I have delicate teeth. I actually brushed away the base of two and had to have them strengthened with filling where I had no cavity.


  8. My latest bargain was sewing thread. The $2.99 spoon was on sale for 4/$5.00 and I had a coupon for 20% off the total, so I got all four spools for $4.00. It’s about 2 years worth of sewing thread for me.


  9. My head and budget have completely gone out the window. I’m waiting for a job offer, father in law in hospital, daughter has her first job. Son struggling with GCSEs . And to top it off eldest moving house in two weeks out of rented accommodation into new rented closer to us with the grandchildren. I admire the way everything is calm and organised with you and one day I will get there too.😊


  10. We are well stocked with flours, tinned beans, oils, herbs and Passata. I was inspired by your store cupboard and have just tidied mines up. We bought a 1/4 cow in the summer and eat some red meat for Sunday lunch. The same butcher gave me a massive bag of beef bones for free and so Monday/Tuesday it’s bone broth soup (95p for 8 servings!). The rest of the week is vegetable based. This has cut my shopping bill in half.


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