Gluten free pizza

Hello Dear Reader,

Supper tonight was always going to be a whatever I could find in the fridge night but on the way home we almost succumbed to pizza takeaway. Our local chippy is now a Domino’s pizza. Whilst I drove, DB rang them to find out how much a gluten free pizza would cost. £9 For tomato and cheese plus £1.50 for each topping and it was only a 9″ pizza. We thanked them for the information. £9! Who on earth pays £9 for pizza? 

I used gluten free wraps, half a jar of basics pasta sauce, two tomatoes, budget wafer thin ham, some mushrooms, a tin of sweet corn and three slices of low fat Cheddar. 

The wraps were expensive but I wanted something pizza-ish and this is pretty close and was assembled in a couple of minutes and cooked in a hot oven in ten.

We kept it cheap and low calorie as we had very little cheese.

With the exception of the wraps, the topping for three pizzas cost the under £1.50 and £3 for a pack of wraps. A bit of a budget blowout for us but a lot less than £9 for one little pizza.

A perfect Friday fakeaway. We might have a Domino’s pizza takeaway in Liskeard but at those prizes, we won’t be going there.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


17 thoughts on “Gluten free pizza

  1. It looks a lot tastier, as well as being free free from factory -made questionables. I always make my own pizza, making the dough in the bread maker …….Although I got my timings all wrong last week so ended up using some pitta as bases. Still v.g., though. And quick. 👍


  2. Look lovely, and good to have control over what you add. Never buy takeaway pizza, quite like using pittas or next-day French bread which needs using up. I remember my Mum making “crumpet pizzas” as a treat if I was home from school for lunch and I thought it was a real treat, but just tomatoes, sliced fresh tomato, cheese and some dried mixed herbs! Have some puff pastry in the freezer to use up…………


  3. We often make pizza with pita pocket bread cut into circles instead of pockets. I toast them a little in the oven and top with spinach, sauce, veggies and cheese. The raw spinach on the bottom keeps them from getting soggy. Lovely and low cal. i have also used leftover Indian dishes as toppings or leftover Chinese dishes. We like crisp and this works well.


  4. Quick question. Could you tell me where you bought .your square wraps? It all looks delicious. I do make my own pizza dough but these wraps look a good swerve from any commercial pizza when I haven’t made any dough. Thanks in advance.


  5. I, too, use the bread machine for pizza dough these days. Very frugal as I buy bread flour 25# at a time. I use jarred spaghetti sauce (1/3 of a jar and freeze the rest for another time) with the least expensive Mozzarella cheese, store brand, and pepperoni which my husband insists on–although it is low fat turkey pepperoni. An 18 inch pizza costs about $6.50 but will feed us for two meals. Sometimes I can do a bit better if the pepperoni is on sale–I always wait until it’s on sale, but the sales vary in price. I would be happier with mushrooms and less meat and even other veggies but he’s not open to messing about with his pizza! Very simple and quick to make as well!


  6. Thanks for the idea of using wraps as pizza bases. I have some gf ones in the freezer that I bought at a reduced price and that will be a great alternative. I find that using them as wraps makes a very dry experience, perhaps I’m too mean with the filling.
    We rarely eat out and I was horrified by the prices of pizzas last time I did. In my naievity I thought they were a cheap meal. Sue


  7. I’ve had the Domino’s GF pizza and it was a disgusting waste of money. It resembled a supermarket ‘basics’ pizza and didn’t taste much better either.


  8. I often make pizza using naan bread. Although not gluten free. Love all the ideas you are coming up with to use wraps. Disappointed to see that you now have adverts on your blog though.


  9. Hi Froogs,

    Interested to hear your stance on ethically sourced foods. I read you religiously and I’m trying to be mindful of spending, but I have a hard time justifying some things like budget ham or cut price cheese when I know that being budget friendly means you generally need to sacrifice the treatment of the animals (and often quality).

    With love,


    • I only buy British meat, with the red tractor symbol. So, I do all I can in those regards. Most ham, bacon is imported from Holland and Denmark which meets European welfare standards. Cheaper doesn’t always mean poorer quality. No, I don’t buy free range pork, so yes they will be intensively farmed inside and won’t have a natural life. Ethics is a personal matter and I don’t respond that as it’s a blog, not a forum.


  10. For wraps and gluten free pizza bases, I make socca: they are so simple to make, and economical too, as the basic ingredients are chickpea flour, water, olive oil and a touch of salt. No egg or milk required! Made thin, they are crepes. Made thick, they are pizza bases. Just Google socca for recipes.

    They freeze well. I freeze them flat separated by greaseproof paper. NB The batter needs to stand for at least 30 mins before cooking, but several hours is better. It allows the mixture to hold together better. Oh, and two spatulas are recommended for turning them over in the crepe pan/ frying pan! A great freezer standby.


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