Tinned or frozen?

Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t cook on Mondays or Thursdays. I cook for meals the day before and just microwave the next day. We call it ding cuisine. I’m all for money saving short cuts. We’re almost out of fresh vegetables and didn’t want to shop today so I see frozen mixed veg, a tin of mushy peas and a tin of sweet corn. 

The bits in the gravy, if you’re interested, are sage. I used to make gluten free sage and onion stuffing but as we’re eating low carb (following slimming world) I no longer make it. My food processor died and I can’t make bread crumbs without one so we don’t have it any more. The sage in the gravy gives the lunch the flavour of stuffing without the calories.

I always have plenty of tinned and frozen food and use it to pad out our budget and my time budget. If I’m busy, it’s good to have a couple of cooking free nights and a few meals that are much cheaper.

Every now and then, we all need an easier life.

Over to you. Tinned? Frozen? Or a bit of both? Ding cuisine? Cooking free nights? Let me know how you free up a bit of time and get yourself out of the kitchen every now and then?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxk


30 thoughts on “Tinned or frozen?

  1. I used to be a freezer snob, but lately I’ve come around. Homemade bread, pizzas, peas, sweetcorn and even stirfry mix can all be found in my freezer. A few nests of wholewheat noodles, some stirfry mix and cashews make a healthy, cheap and filling meal…and is ready in under 10 minutes!


  2. I always have tinned sweet corn and button mushrooms in the cupboard and frozen peas, baby broad beans etc. Its so nice to have non cook days and I use my slow cooker for this – the casserole or whatever easily stretches to 2 days when its only my husband and I to feed.


  3. I use Frozen veg, tinned mixed beans/chickpeas and tinned tomatoes. I also like to make double batches and freeze half for the next week. In addition, I prep some meals the night before to cook the next day.


  4. Hi, I only buy fresh vegetables for our weekend roast, the rest of the week it’s frozen,I have saved so much money by not having fresh veg going to waist in the fridge.If I have any frozen veg left from a meal I use them in a fritata or pie to bulk them out xxxxx

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  5. Definitely a tinned and frozen cook here – peas, mixed veg, spinach (so much cheaper!) and green beans in the freezer, sweetcorn, mushy peas and tomatoes in tins, and I also like to have a couple of jars of artichokes/tomatoes/aubergines/mushrooms bottled in olive oil around for instant pizza topping and pasta sauce making: fry an onion, open a jar, add a few herbs and toss with your pasta, maybe with a handful of olives or a chopped chilli. Warms through in the time it takes to boil the pasta. And other things have their more specific uses even if I don’t get them regularly. I’ve never been able to cook frozen cauliflower or broccoli without it going all mushy, but it makes cracking soup, esp given the ludicrous cost of cauliflowers these days.


  6. Sausage and mash is a mid week go to meal and I always serve with frozen or tinned veg with it. I have some cheese and tomato pizzas in the freezer for those back late nights. I add extra toppings depending on what needs using up in the fridge. Egg, beans and toast was another quick go to meal. Anytime I cook a pasta based meal other than carbonara or a chilli we have it over two days or freeze for home made freezer food. We are trying to follow SW too.



  7. Color me odd, but I prefer canned vegetables to fresh or frozen, with the exception of root vegetables, corn and salad greens.
    My slow cooker is my most used time saving appliance.


  8. I’ve got a glut of courgette in the garden so I’ve made a batch of Ratatouille and frozen it… Perfect with a Jacket potato or pork chop. Ding Cuisine. X


  9. Frozen and tinned here, converted onto more tinned by a booklet my dietician gave me years ago free by the canned food industry association or someone like that really nice recipes, they probably have website these days I’ll have to have a look. A few frozen peas mixed into a medley always looks good and soggy tinned carrots are good mashed with a bit of something.


  10. Never been a freezer snob because when I was still at primary school, it was the latest ‘in’ kitchen gizmo and my mum worked a wholesale food place, so we had lots off frozen veg. I don’t remember much tinned stuff but I keep tinned sweetcorn, baked beans, chickpeas and red kidney beans. And I do a finely chopped frozen veg hash I make to keep in the freezer to ‘hide’ veg in all sorts of things. I like to buy celery but find I don’t use enough so I freeze it sliced. All in all I think both tinned and frozen food are good. I too like a night or two when I can use leftovers – tomorrow it’ll be roast beef and all the trimmings again. Ding


  11. I have always eaten seasonally. Currently enjoying fresh, local produce but realize that this will end by the end of Oct, when farms shut down. Meanwhile, I am home canning, and freezing surplus plus stockpiling canned and frozen. I also have extra Winter squash down cellar, as it keeps long. Come Winter, I will not buy expensive and often poor quality “fresh” produce which is often imported (a definite no go for me). We will continue to eat what’s on hand and top up the cheaper, cold storage produce such as cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onions. Here in the US, we’re being slammed by hurricanes in areas far from where I live BUT fuel is rising and those costs will be transferred to produce to be sure. Factor in the Irma is supposed to eliminate all of Florida’s citrus, berry, tomato and other vegetable groves/farms/orchards. While California produces a lot, this is a supply/demand factor. I have yet to hear about the status of Texas grapefruit. We’ll be turning to alternatives, I am pretty certain.


  12. Goodmorning Froogs,
    Our easy night us on a Friday, we have an “on toast” night. Any leftovers are used up and if there are no leftovers we have a tin of baked beans often topped with an egg. It’s easy, delicious and nutritious. Have a lovely day.


  13. Buy fresh as available but always have frozen peas, corn, brussel sprouts and broccoli in the freezer. I use tinned beans of all kinds and keep tinned corn, green beans, mushrooms and mixed peas & carrots – but I use these mostly in things like chillis and shepherd’s/cottage pies rather than as a side dish. Also keep a few tins of potatoes on hand – along with beets & cranberry sauce. Also keep jars of sauerkraut, shredded beets, assorted pickled veg and artichokes on hand. And it goes without saying that canned tomatoes of all kinds are a pantry staple!
    I cannot afford to be a snob.


  14. I live in a farming area so buy fresh as much as possible–depending on use. Frozen spinach is lots cheaper if you’re putting it into a soup or casserole. Fresh it must be if eaten as a side. I can go right to the farm during summer and fall. I only use tinned corn as I don’t care for frozen, but I will keep a few tins of other veg on hand for speed or for power outages. We have a generator and can use a microwave on generator, but stove and oven are electric so cannot power those–takes too much power. Otherwise I turn to frozen for winter, some of it frozen in season by me! I buy a half bushel of winter squash and cook and mash it in fall, then it’s done for the season. Sometimes it lasts more than a year. I usually grow my own beets and freeze also. I planted late this year but they are growing–if it doesn’t freeze early I should get beets from the garden. If not, I will buy at harvest time and roast and freeze them. They freeze very well. Carrots are always fresh in this house–they are cheap and available all year so why not? Cabbage appears often year round as well–so versatile, and cheap also. We can get apples and pears from cold storage year round too–farm is a mile or so up the road. Oranges and apples are winter staples, along with bananas. Grapes go on sale frequently so when $2 a pound I will buy them. I apparently am incapable of cooking for two–this means we pretty much eat the same meal two nights in a row–or at least parts of it. When I try to cook just enough, I end up with leftovers anyhow. We use them–we love leftovers. I used to have a night in between, but my husband doesn’t care at all if he has the same meal twice in a row, so that’s what I do most of the time now.


  15. Have an allotment so most of my fruit and veg is fresh or frozen by me. Peelings go on the compost heap for soil improver – you can’t do that with tinned or frozen! But then I was bought up on a farm where buying veg and fruit was not normal – well except for things like oranges and bananas as treats. If a crop fails now it is replaced by shop bought – so long as it’s UK grown.


  16. My larder always has a decent stock of canned tomatoes, sweetcorn, baked beans and various fruits and I buy plenty of frozen peas, sweetcorn and beans for the freezer. A few months back we switched to a plant based diet and so I buy seasonal veg from our local farm which is so cheap. Any veg left over gets lobbed into the slow cooker and made into soup which is then frozen for quick and easy lunches.I make and freeze tomato sauces, curry sauces, ratatouille, veggie chilli, etc and I’ve found that cooking beans and pulses and then freezing them for easy cook meals saves me both loads of time and lots of money. Cant imagine how I would cope without my freezer and my slow cooker. They are a match made in heaven.


  17. I’m on my own and have been using frozen and tinned foods for years now, saves me so much money and gives me variety in my diet. If I can get yellow stickered veggies or freebies then I’ll prep and freeze those. Am currently working my way through two huge bags of cooking apples pal donated, am stewing and freezing them (on third day of doing this!) as together with muesli and yoghurt, that’s my brunch every day. I also have a ‘never the same flavour twice’ soup box in my freezer. Any fresh veggies that get left over get popped in there, together with any jar ‘rinse outs’, and then when the box is full, it gets tipped into my soup pan, couple of stock cubes and some chilli flakes plus either some red lentils or split peas, and hey ho, almost free soup!


  18. I’m a bit of both, plus a bit of dried. At the weekend I normally soak some dried beans in water for a day or so, then on Monday I mix ’em up with some other stuff and use that as my wrap filling throughout the week. And then dinners are frozen vegetables + whatever I can be bothered to put with them, usually.


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