Corn beef pasties

Hello Dear Reader,

My pasties didn’t stick together very well but it was lovely. Corn beef is a cheap staple and great in corn beef hash or in a pie or pasty. It’s getting more expensive but there’s nothing wasted. 

I used a small tin of reduced fat corned beef

2 medium potatoes, that I microwaved and removed the cooked potato from skins and mashed

2 medium onions, very finely diced and fried in frylight.

1 beaten egg.

4 gluten free wraps, you could use any wrap.

When the potatoes and onion were cooked, I blended everything together with plenty of black pepper and a pinch of salt. You could add grated carrot or parsnips for added sweetness. We’ll have one for lunch and eat one later. 

They’re also light and under 250 calories each or syn free if you’re following slimming world. 

As I said, they don’t look great but they taste lovely.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


6 thoughts on “Corn beef pasties

  1. I never thought of using wraps either. Great idea! I’m gluten free too so this is something I’m going to try. Must be a pasty day. I’ve just made potato, onion, bacon and baked bean pasties with curry powder to flavour. Thanks to you I got the cooking bacon. Never used it before. It’s so cheap and loads left over in freezer. Thanks for the tip Froogs x 🙂


  2. I recently discovered that I could make my own light oil spray using a travel spray bottle (supposedly to decant your favourite cosmetics into, bought from Superdrug for about a pound). I add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of water, shake and spray. Lasts for ages, and no chemicals. I thought the spray nozzle would clog up all the time, but it doesn’t seem to. If it does, I just unscrew the top and the nozzle bit and wash it in hot water, which unclogs it. You can also ‘water fry’ onions etc if you want to avoid oil all together.
    Great idea for a ‘lighter’ pasty – thank you for sharing the recipe.


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