Spicy chickpea stew

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had meat two days in a row so tonight’s supper is a hearty veggie stew with chunky chick peas and it’s vegan as well.

I rummaged around the bottom of the fridge and back of the larder and also added some mixed frozen veggies from out of the freezer. I also added a heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika and cumin, a stock pot and some black pepper to give it flavour

I chopped my veggies and fried them in frylight until softened.

I added the stockpot, spice and tinned tomatoes, half a mug of red lentils and a mug of boiling water (helps it cook quickly) and allowed it to simmer for 15 minutes until all the veggies were soft but not mushy.

I served DB’s with basmati rice – half a cup of rice and three cups of water with a sprinkle of salt and I just had extra vegetables. We are not lovers of hot spicy food but you could add plenty of chilli if you like it.

This’ll be great for our lunches and it’ll reheat well and some will be frozen.

Totally free food in terms of slimming world and it’s even vegan and a proper hearty belly full. 

It’s also cheap, used up what we had and was delicious.

I’ll make this again!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Spicy chickpea stew

  1. My sort of food. I am trying to cut down on meat and rotate meat/fish/veggie. I also plan a “whatever needs using/oddments meal ” which is often curry or pasta sauce.


  2. Hi Froogs, the food is looking good. What sort of frozen mixed veggies do you use most the tiny mixed dice or the bigger mixed florets of cauli brocoolli carrot etc. I never know what to do with the small ones which are cheap but can be a bit tasteless, cheese sauce any sauce helps, I still use a little butter again now because I realised that the amount my granny used knob of maybe 12g/1/z oz in a big pan of anything say 6 portions really added flavour and was not the quite great evil that we might be brainwashed to believe. .Thanks for all you do .


  3. I made chickpea curry last week and froze some. I had it tonight with some Frozen sautéed spinach on the side. It was fab but I’m definitely adding the very small (cheap) Frozen mixed veg the next time I make it; I always have a bag or two of this veg in the freezer.

    As I commented in a previous post, we have gone vegan 6 days a week and it has cut my shopping bill in half as well as healing the very dry skin on my hands which often cracks and bleeds.

    Thanks for the reminder to add tiny Frozen veg to everything!



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