Eat your greens 

Hello Dear Reader,

I love green leafy vegetables and they’re really cheap in season And they have more vitamin C than oranges. I bought all my groceries this week from Aldi including a tiny beef roasting joint that I stopped from shrinking by slow cooking it with some water, salt and pepper in the slow cooker. My fork shows how tiny our meat was.

It just melted when it was cooked and it didn’t shrink and stayed really moist which was important as it wasn’t cheap. We’ll just have a veg based meal tomorrow to offset the cost.

I used some of the beef stock when I mashed the potatoes, especially as we ate far too much butter in Brittany! This was really nice  and surprisingly creamy.

As we’re trying to keep our carbs low we’re not eating a lot of spuds so we’re filling up on greens. It’s a good job we really like them. I wonder, wherever you are, what the ‘greens’ in your country? 

I added some GF bisto granules to a mug full of stock and made some gravy. 

This is end of week one and I think we’ve done ok and we’re definitely eating more healthily, doesn’t seem hard and we’re enjoying it. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


6 thoughts on “Eat your greens 

  1. Looks lovely! Here in the USA, greens are commonly eaten in the South, often pan fried with ham, bacon grease. I am in New England, and IME, it is more common, perhaps due to the region, perhaps as I am from a French Canadian family, to eat my vegetables plain. Steamed preferred. For greens, I serve: spinach, Swiss chard, Kholrabi greens, mustard greens, beet greens (these I often have in an orange sauce). Kale is everywhere, I much prefer Chard or spinach. I also serve a lot of cabbage, of all varieties.


  2. We have kale and spinach at the moment. I am growing lettuce, it’s a bit early but some of it is growing. Like you, Frugal Queen, l eat low carb and don’t eat potatoes at all. Greens are delicious.


  3. That looks delicious. I bought a large container of fresh mixed greens this week for $5. We buy eight pieces of fried chicken each Tuesday for $6. We eat two pieces each for lunch with veggies, and for supper we have the other two pieces (chicken removed from bones) mixed in with salad. So we get two meals out of the box of chicken and it’s delicious cold with salad greens.


  4. Looks delicious! One of the common types of green where I’m from is turnip greens which is cut from the turnips when the turnips are thinned in the early summer but they are very seasonal but are very much enjoyed. Other than turnip green it is just the regular cabbage, brussels sprouts etc.


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