One of the joys of autumn 

Hello Dear Reader,

There is something wonderful about coming home to a gently simmering slow cooker. Before we left for work this morning I added:

2 chicken breasts (I buy frozen chicken as it’s cheaper)

2 leeks cut into slices

1 tin of plum tomatoes 

4 large sliced carrots 

2 large potatoes, halved 

1 stock cube and a mug of water.

Sprinkle of gf gravy granules when I got in from work. I set the slow cooker on low and let it cook gently for twelve hours. 

We ate ours with kale and green beans which is another reason for loving autumn food. I’m a great fan of our slow cooker and use it for a huge amount of winter dishes of soups, casseroles, stews and slow roasts. 

The other great thing about a pile of green beans and kale taking up half our plates is that it fills us up very cheaply and healthily and goes really well with any kind of stew. It also fits in well with the slimming world plan of plenty of speed food. The whole plate is mainly veggies with just a bit of chicken. We over did it a bit over the summer and lots of veggies are the answer.

There’ll be plenty more like this as the cooler weather has returned.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


15 thoughts on “One of the joys of autumn 

  1. Goodmorning Froogs, I have a deep love of my slow cooker as well, I use it at least twice a week through winter and sometimes even in summer for a few recipe. I love that you can throw just about an combination of protein and veg and a few condiments into the slow cooker bowl, press play and come home to dinner already done. I just love it. Have a lovely day.


  2. I have been over-dosing on green beans all summer. They taste so wonderful steamed, and nothing at all like the tinned ones! Green beans are usually bought frozen as they taste so much better than tinned but I get tired of them too. I don’t seem to get tired of the fresh ones!!


  3. Hi Froogs as a coeliac sufferer myself I avoid tin tomatoes as I believe they contain gluten. But as you are using them in this recipe and you cant eat gluten I am rather confused ! Can you put me right please are tin tomatoes ok to eat if you have coeliac disease. Many thanks I enjoy your blog.


  4. I have to ask: What are gravy granules? I thought they were bouillon powder, used to thicken your recipe once you return home, but I see you put a bouillon cube in the pot in the beginning. Looks great. I make something similar, but you have me flummoxed with “gravy granules.”
    Good luck with your school year! My kids head back tomorrow. No break again until November. I find it interesting how U.S. school calendars can be so different from those in the U.K. And, our district’s calendar is very different from other regions within the U.S.


  5. Looks yummy! We recently decided to follow a vegan diet 6 days a week, with a roast on a Sunday and so I’m off to sauté onion, garlic, kale, spinach, olives and tomatoes for my tea. Tomorrow it’ll be slow cooker vegetable tagine. I use my slow cooker at least twice a week.


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